Gadget Ear Technologies is a creative think tank specializing in design, manufacturing & distribution of new technology.

Our product line includes a variety of our own patent-pending inventions, as well as trending new products that we distribute direct from the manufacturer.

Kick it Cell Phone Stand

Gadget Ear Inventions

The “Kick It Phone Stand” and “Mobile Wallet” are examples of gadgets we conceived and brought to market. Kick It is the Ultimate Hands Free solution for home, car and office use of your smart phone. It’s the best phone stand of 2018 and has the ability to stand, mount and wedge your device. Great for hands free video chat, watching movies, self photography, selfies, GPS, speaker phone and more. Every aspect of development for the Kick It Phone Stand & Mobile Phone Wallet was handled by the Gadget Ear Team.


We also provide consulting, sourcing and manufacturing to new inventors and start-ups.

Our in-house team can help you with all aspects needed for a successful launch. Ask yourself, “What phase is my product at?”, and we can help you from conception to market. We offer everything from Sourcing, Product Design, Tooling, Molding, Consulting, Branding, Packaging, Product Photography, Web Design, Video Production and Social Media Marketing.

The corporate headquarters are located in Pompano Beach, FL and most of our manufacturing is done at our factory in Shenzhen, China.

As an official US based manufacturer’s representative, our goal is to save you the hardships of manufacturing overseas.  Our team travels back and forth to China on your behalf, so you can have peace of mind. We already have translators and quality control monitors in place at the factory, so ca you deal directly with a native English speaker during Eastern-Standard Time office hours.

If you are interested in purchasing or distributing our products, or would like to discuss bringing an idea of yours to life, please contact us for more information.