Depitime Hair Removal

[fancy_box]Painless Hair Removal Electrolysis Pen

Painless Hair Removal Electrolysis Pen

Depitime is the most advanced hair removal electrolysis pen on the market.  Enjoy an easy and painless hair removal solution, no more waxing and shaving. Thins and reduces hair growth after just one use. Depitime is better than other electrolysis pens because it works in both left to right directions. It has 3 different heat settings you can adjust for the more or less sensitive parts of the body. *OK to use for facial hair removal on the lowest heat setting. Currently available in Pink and White colors. *Depitime comes with a 1 Year replacement warranty

Why spend $300 on a Nono Hair removal kit?

Try the Depitime best hair removal pen for ONLY $185

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