Mobile Wallet Phone Accessory

mobile wallet phone accessory

Tired of carrying a bulky wallet or purse.

Wallit is the #1 mobile wallet phone accessory that holds your credentials secure and safe. Simple to use, you just peel and grip to any phone or any case. The secret is in the micro suction grip technology that allows it to attach and detach from your device unlimited times without leaving a sticky residue. We made it compatible with Kick it phone stand so you can use them together as shown in the picture. Wallit can also be used as a stand alone carrying case that fits in the pocket or purse. It fits 2 credit cards and 1 bill. Perfect for going to the gym, nightclub, amusement parks or social events. No more leaving your purse in the car cause you only needed your credit card. Reduce the bulk and keep your credentials with you at all times. The best cell phone wallet for I phone, Samsung, Nokia, LG and Windows phones.

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