New York City, NY (PRWEB) May 24, 2015

Speed reading program developer eReflect announces a new blog post in which several reading techniques are laid out for readers who want to step up their reading efficiency, save time, and learn more than before.

Reading is a pastime many people value and engage in daily. Often a person’s responsibilities and limited time leave no room for this favorite hobby, however. eReflect shares simple, effective tips on how to make reading an integral part of life no matter how busy a person might be.

Being a smart reader that critically chooses their next read is of paramount importance, the 7 Speed Reading editor argues. People don’t need to go through a boring book cover to cover if it’s a genre they don’t enjoy or an author they cannot get along with. Being a smart reader is all about reading books that are exhilarating and enjoyable.

To ensure that people are able to stick to their reading habits, they should set aside a time and place that’s exclusively meant for reading. By assigning importance to reading, individuals are more likely to honor it.

Even people who speed read sometimes prefer listening to a book rather than reading it, and that’s a great way to integrate more reading into everyday life. Listening to an audio book lets people engage in other activities at the same time, which saves them time and still helps them fit everything they like into their schedules.

Reading with others, and to others, is something that helps improve reading skill, notes the 7 Speed Reading™ editor. Reading is a valuable, essential activity that people need to engage more with, eReflect believes. With the right attitude and strategy at hand, people can find the time to enjoy a good read no matter their life’s circumstances. eReflect hopes that this blog post will remind people that reading is a more valuable and beneficial activity than a digitally-led life through tablets and smartphones.


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