96.8 percent of new smartphones sold are either iPhone or Android devices
The latest quarterly smartphone sales data from Gartner is out today, and it tells a very familiar story. BlackBerry keeps shrinking, Microsoft is stagnating, and Google and Apple are tightening their already dominant grip over the entire market.
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iPhone 6S UK release date, price, specification & new feature rumours: New
The new iPhone 6s is to be unveiled in just three weeks and up for pre-order in less than a month. And it's coming in pink! Here we round up all the best internet rumours on the next iPhone for 2015, the iPhone 6s, including the UK release date, price …
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iPhone 6S or 7: new phone will not sell, says analyst
Designing a new iPhone is an irresistible challenge for many budding artists engineers. Sahanan Yogarasa's design is closer in shape to the current iPhone 6, but slimmer and sleeker. Others have been much more adventurous.
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