A New Met Exhibit Shows Why The Saxophone Was One Of The Most Disruptive
Unique amongst the Sax family instruments, the saxophone was an invention that required players to be inventive. In the process, they co-invented it. Follow me on Twitter, find my latest book, Forged: Why Fakes Are The Great Art Of Our Age, on Amazon …
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Good and Bad Inventions from 1865 [Slide Show]
Narrow cars on upper and lower tracks let light into surrounding buildings and ran on a pulley system. Mr. P. Andrew of Cincinatti devised a nice system for 1865 except that the tiny 12-person capacity of each car is about one-twentieth the size of a …
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Inventions that were meant to change the world
Victor Gruen, the architect who designed America's first shopping mall, hated the sprawl and soullessness of the new strip malls that were popping up in mid-century suburban America. At the time, more people were buying cars and moving to the suburbs.
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