Video games have grown quite popular all over the world. In India, a lot of people from different age brackets have become quite accustomed to playing as a hobby or pastime, a competitive field between friends and family, and as a form of stress relief and means of relaxing. For whatever reason, its popularity continues to rise in India as more and more people are exposed and introduced to the many different games that can be played in consoles and personal computers.

The evolution of this digital entertainment marvel began a few decades back, with the development of electronically programmed user interface technology which allowed people to interact with programs at a much higher degree. Video games nowadays have since grown and evolved from their primitive beginnings. These days in India and other parts of the world, video games feature only the highest quality of graphics and game play that the experience borders on reality for some. Other advancements in the industry have allowed children and adults in India to be able to play with or against people in other parts of the world. This is especially true in the case of MMORPGs, or massively multi-player online role-playing games. Children in India can be seen spending countless hours at home or at public computer rental shops leveling up their characters, interacting with friends and foes, and generally enjoying themselves with an idea that was started a long time ago by a game that simply had two rudders and a digital ball.

Of course, entertainment targeted at children does not really fall far from educational fields. In India, where not all kids are able to afford schooling, video games are considered a good option. There are a couple of dozens of games that will be of great help to children when it comes to improving their basic skills.