Asia Pacific (PRWEB) May 10, 2015

AdParlor, the Adknowledge Asia Pacific campaign management platform for Facebook and Twitter, is now an easier tool to use for more than a billion people today, after the addition of a new language on it: Chinese.

Having this new capability means that language won’t be a barrier to entry for marketers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

This localised platform enables marketers who are focused on measuring and delivering performance to utilise AdParlor’s features in its entirety: including data-driven optimisation, custom reporting dashboards, creative tagging, targeting audiences across multiple devices, dynamic reporting and analysis.

These actionable insights further empower marketers and advertisers to connect their organic efforts with AdParlor’s real-time notification tools to provide a holistic view of engagement.

“We are making it much more agile for our clients to manage and implement their campaigns on a localised platform…. Obviously, the responses were very positive and encouraging, especially now that they can churn out reports in Mandarin,” said Kaylen Wong, who leads marketing for Adknowledge Asia Pacific. “As we expand more into the Chinese-speaking markets (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan), we expect that this native platform would prove to be a selling point. In our expansion into other Asian markets, the priority would be to develop better user-interface platforms and localised feature enhancements for our clients.”

About Adknowledge Asia Pacific:

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