Parents and teachers worry about games that have negative effects on children and a lot of games that have been written about violent behavior and addiction. However, not everything is negative about gaming have, studies by leading researchers showed that video and computer games have many advantages:

First Games help children who are sick or injury. Absorption in a game distracts the mind from pain and discomfort. Many hospitals are the promotion of children and other painful treatments to undergo in order to play games.
Second Griffiths, a professor at Nottingham University, wrote in a medical journal that the games could help children with attention disorders. Research shows that children could gain social skills.
Third Many health departments are using computer games as a form of physiotherapy. Games help people who are recovering from physical injuries are motor skills and coordination to win.
4th Video and computer games are known to improve hand-eye coordination and to give players a lot of abilities.
5th Games induce decision-making and tech players to think on their feet.
6th Games create team player and to sharpen social skills.
7th Games are known to promote creativity and raise a penchant for graphic design and technology.
8th Many games improve language and math skills as a player to move at great speed along with the heroes of the game.
9th Video and computer games to help children gain self confidence and lots of games are about history, buildings in the city, and is basedGovernance and so on. Such games indirectly children about aspects of life on earth.
10th Games teach players problem solving, motivation and cognitive skills. Most games inspire players to strive harder and reach levels presents challenges at every stage.
Video or computer gaming has both positive and negative effects. Everything in moderation is not a problem. Parents and children must be able to decide how much gaming permitted and what kind of games. Parents must teach their children what is good and what is bad. Gaming is like any other activity in life, too many hamburgers or pizza, but also be harmful.
The world of games is constantly changing. The Internet is full of articles and tips written by experts on gaming, advantages and disadvantages, it is important to inform parents and players have. Find out about games and learn how to make games that are useful to choose. Do you know what your child is doing at any time. Make sure you trust your child, but that he or she is able to measure exactly right and wrong.

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