Androids are Detroit's future in upcoming video game
Pretty soon, human-like robots assembled in Detroit will be available, starting at $ 7,999, for housekeeping, babysitting and cooking. They'll have their own section on the People Mover. And people will wave signs protesting them; at least, according to …
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Deus Ex Creator Says Games Like Uncharted and Heavy Rain Don't Fully Utilize
In his opening keynote at PAX Australia 2015, Deus Ex creator Warren Spector said that developers need to make the most of video games as a medium for collaborative storytelling. He is of the view that designers need to do more to “embrace that …
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Watch Cara Delevingne Kick Some Video Game Butt In The New Commercial For Call
Cara Delevingne is definitely expanding her resume! The model-turned-actress has been making her way into films like Paper Towns and the upcoming Suicide Squad movie! And now, it looks like she's taking on the world of video games as well!