Anticipated to be one of the biggest innovations for drinking shots in the modern era, the simple-to-use L.E.D Shot glass holder is the world’s most high tech: The first and only to feature controllable RGB L.E.D lighting, a rechargeable battery and a remote.

The patent-pending shot glass holder, the L.E.D Shot Rod, is a unique product design of Xtreme Bar Technologies Inc. (X.B.T Inc.), a start-up created by friends and work colleagues Michael Haseley and Vincent Edouard.

The two inventors have just launched an original Kickstarter campaign at, where they are currently accepting pre-orders for L.E.D Shot Rods, which will be delivered worldwide, in time for Christmas and New Year’s.

About the L.E.D Shot Rod

The L.E.D Shot Rod is a fascinating, new way to serve and display your favorite shots of liquor or drink.

It’s a new and unique eye catching bar accessory in which to display your shot glasses that uses super bright L.E.D technology, combined with miniature electronics, to produce an amazing display of full color light. Its wow effect is sure to bring color and conversation to any liquor brand, bar counter, table or venue.

The L.E.D Shot Rod is also an innovative and affordable merchandising and promotional solution, offering worldwide branding possibilities for nightclubs, bars and the liquor industry as a whole.

It’s bound to be hailed as a must have, with popular social media and news outlets already proclaiming it, “The Brightest, Coolest, and Smartest shot glass holder ever designed on the planet.”

In its future developments the L.E.D Shot Rod, will encompass even more revolutionary features, such as:

A Chill-on-Demand function.
A Simple iOS device wireless control system.
Enhanced preset lighting features.

Other upgrades include but are not limited to: an enhanced battery life capacity, as well as a new bespoke design…pushing the boundaries of creativity, and making the already cool L.E.D Shot Rod, even cooler.

“Hit those shots with multicolored flashes of light and get ready to party!” say its co-founders.

Their YouTube video has been released earlier this month, demonstrating the L.E.D Shot Rod, and can be viewed at

Synopsis of the L.E.D Shot Rod and X.B.T Inc.

The story of X.B.T Inc. and the L.E.D Shot Rod began in 2011 with a chance meeting of two men, Michael Haseley and Vincent Edouard, during a tropical vacation in the Caribbean.

At first sight, everything seemed to oppose this improbable team. Michael, a Texan in his mid-forties is a respectable U.S. army veteran, who has since graduated with a major in marketing, economics, finance and entrepreneurship. Vincent, in his late thirties, originally from France and of Caribbean descent, graduated with an MBA and has a background in hospitality and beverage management… (See their full bio at

Their invention was sparked by their passion for creativity, design, L.E.D lighting, as well as the bar industry, and driven by their ambition of self-motivated entrepreneurship and dreams of success.

X.B.T Inc. was founded a year later in 2012, and has for primary goal to add fun to consumers drinking experience worldwide, as well as the ambition to become the world’s leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of shot glass holders, with its revolutionary prototype, the L.E.D Shot Rod.

“The L.E.D Shot Rod is the latest idea in “shooter-ology” and will surely become a customer favorite, keeping them coming back for more”, says Michael Haseley and Vincent Edouard co-founders of the start-up.

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