New York, NY (PRWEB) May 15, 2015

Brightbox, Inc. (, the leading platform provider of secure mobile device recharging kiosks, is pleased to announce that it is showcasing its digital signage and interactivity recharging platform in booth 9136 at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) 2015 Show at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL from May 16th to the 19th.

The 4 day event brings 44,000+ foodservice and hospitality professionals from around the globe together to taste, sample, test, shop, network and connect. It features educational sessions on everything from franchising to staff training, demonstrations and recipe sharing with celebrity chefs, a summit on restaurant finance and more than 2,000 exhibitors.

NRA show attendees will be able to experience Brightbox and enjoy unlimited charging sessions via lockers available at the exhibition. Top executives, restaurateurs, chefs, managers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers in the restaurant industry can attend sessions, network, check out new products, take meetings and work, resting assured that their phones are being safely and optimally charged in a station that delivers both physical security and data privacy.

Brightbox, a New York based B2B kiosk technology company, is the global leader in developing and deploying secure charging stations for on-the-go people to stay connected via their mobile devices, including cell phones, phablets, backup chargers and batteries. The Brightbox® Mark3 mobile charging platform is the most innovative, secure mobile device charging solution available in today’s marketplace and was recently selected as the “Best Digital Signage Kiosk Application” by rAVe [Publications], the leading expert magazine in audio visual reviews, at Digital Signage Expo 2015 in Las Vegas.

Brightbox solutions directly address the “Power Gap”, namely the growing divide between user reliance on mobile devices and the inherent limitations of mobile device battery life. With Brightbox, consumers need never be without charge. Cell phone users simply swipe a credit/debit or complimentary card to open an available station chamber, plug in their mobile device or accessory to one of three industry standard charging cords, close the chamber and return later to swipe the same card to retrieve their charged phone. Venues can offer device charging via Brightbox as either a complimentary or paid amenity and brands can advertise, message and interact with consumers via the Brightbox platform.

“We’re excited to be at NRA premiering our new customer sign up and polling software update with the Brightbox® Mark3 stations,” said Joel Martin, Brightbox VP of Brands and Experiential. “From enter to win contests, loyalty card integration and loyalty programs, discount coupons and new menu items, Brightbox is pioneering a unique way of connecting and engaging with restaurant patrons.”

Cell phone charging is now an essential and expected amenity in hospitality, retail and many other verticals. Brightbox has taken public place mobile recharging to a new and higher standard, integrating its best-in-class, safe and secure charging technology with a powerful digital and interactive platform, which restaurant venues, along with food and beverage brands, can leverage to increase foot traffic, engage patrons, build loyalty and dwell time as well as project brand impressions.

Safely charging via Brightbox improves the overall customer experience, helping to competitively differentiate a restaurant and its offerings, creating a richer experience for restaurant and bar patrons. Brightbox charging is instrumental in satisfying customers who might otherwise lose that important connection with work, family and friends during their stay or meal. Patrons appreciate the stylish looks, seamless user experience and unrivalled security and sophistication of the Brightbox platform which is increasingly favoured by the hospitality industry to help improve consumer experience and boost satisfaction.

“I pride myself on customer service. Offering Brightbox’s next generation charging solution complements my business model by providing extra value to my loyal patrons,” said Ted Lanzi, owner of Best Bars, based in New York City, who provides Brightbox in 10 bars in New York City and Chicago. “My staff loves Brightbox, as with it they no longer have to keep an eye on patrons’ phones behind the bar. And I love Brightbox—they have a great technology platform, are knowledgeable, and easy to do business with.”

Food and hospitality venues can turn to the Brightbox amenity as an added revenue source from charging sessions and digital advertising. Bars and restaurants can opt to run advertising from transportation and beverage companies, sports franchises and other national partners.

“There is nothing worse than being out on the town and having your phone die on you. Brightbox has been a great addition to our venues, as it allows us to provide our guests with the ability to charge all types of phones, while keeping them safe,” said Brian Morrison, Nightlife Operations Manager, Dream Downtown in New York City. “Brightbox is quick, easy and convenient, and enables us to engage our patrons.”

Brightbox offers intelligent, encrypted solutions that maintain data privacy and security via its highly secure and reliable platform. Brightbox never access sensitive personal data on a mobile device. Hospitality venues can choose how to project brand image or deliver information via an innovative menu of content and interactivity options. The Brightbox® Mark3 features a 10” interactive touch screen, with video capabilities that provide effective delivery of direct sponsor messaging, surveys, customer acquisition, brand offers and promotions. Exclusive offers are also available via branded key or other loyalty cards specifically tailored for customers, events and activations. Companies and venues can leverage intimate and seamless interactions between consumers and the Brightbox charging kiosk for high impact and measurable ROI.

“It’s all about connectivity, communication and return visits. Being without power is a real problem for customers,” said Don Rossi, Senior VP of Sales for Brightbox. “Restaurant patrons require a trusted recharging solution. Brightbox stations can be located with our mobile app which helps draw traffic to a venue. Brightbox is a clear avenue to customer satisfaction and loyalty, and an effective way to create intimate connections between brands and people.”

About Brightbox

Brightbox® is B2B kiosk technology solutions company providing global venues and users with the best-in-class secure mobile device and accessory charging platform for marketing, sponsorship and venue interaction. Founded in 2011 and based in New York City, Brightbox delivers intelligent and innovative charging solutions and has deployed 500 of its secure charging lockers in 4 countries and 22 states in a variety of event and vertical markets that include hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, retail, education, transport and government.

Enterprise customers include Dream, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Omni, Sheraton, Caesars, MGM, Christie’s, Forest City Enterprises, RadioShack, Toys’R’Us, Memorial Malls, Westfield Malls, Buffalo Bills, LA Fitness, Planet Hollywood, New York Red Bulls, Statue of Liberty, Tampa Bay Rays, Time Warner Cable, Universal Studios, Windham Mountain, Baystate Health, Hospital for Special Surgery, Mount Sinai Health, Orlando Health, South Shore Hospital, Yale New Haven Health, American Airlines, British Airways, CUNY, Columbia University, and BR CHARGE.

Event customers include AOL, AdWeek, American Airlines, BBC ComicCon, CEDIA, Citibank, Coca-Cola, CoffeeFest, Detroit Grand Prix, Discovery Channel, Event Tech, FISH, Gartner, GoPuck, HBO, IBM, IMEX, InCharged, Intel, Jack Morton, Major League Baseball, Megacon, Minor League Baseball, NFL Experience, Pitney Bowes, Octagon, PCMA, Ripley’s Entertainment, Samsung, So Cool Events, Societe Generale, UBS, Verizon, and Wells Fargo. Learn more at and @brightboxcharge

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