London, UK (PRWEB UK) 17 November 2014

Recently, Jasper CEO Jahangir Mohammed answered the question (Forbes, October 2014) everyone in IoT is asking: Where are the valuable case studies in the Internet of Things? Beyond the small scale applications of connected toothbrushes and tweeting fridges – the business case for the internet of things exists; bringing with it, transformable and monetizable changes to redefine the way businesses operate.

Citing the examples of smart agriculture and MHealth, Mohammed illustrates the business critical potential of the industry, something often lost amidst the buzz of gadgets and gizmos. With this, comes a clear vision for monetizing the internet of things and the confirmation that IoT is more than just a technology fad.

However,challenges lie in understanding the services that each profitable vertical demands. What works for MHealth will not fit automotive. As such, service providers need to leave behind a one size fits all mentality and start listening to the end user in an industry where no single connectivity standard can win.

End-users from the vertical markets of fleet management, healthcare, utilities, public sector infrastructure are meeting to solve the connectivity challenges for innovation and profits at the IoT Nexus: Connectivity event.

Apple, GE, Telefonica, BT, Deustche Telekom, IBM, Ericsson, Sigfox, ARM and many more are sending industry leaders along to this event to hear business case studies from major verticals and to thrash out carrier business models to harness the profitable opportunities in the internet of things.

“This event has been designed to address two key roadblocks in the Internet of Things: solving the challenges in the horizontal connectivity piece and understanding what the vertical business cases need from the technology stack” says conference director Victoria Lloyd.

About FC Business Intelligence

FC Business Intelligence has been around for over 20 years and provides news, reports and events services across 30+ industry verticals. IoT Nexus focuses on the challenges facing the Internet of Things industry, providing a high-level forum to drive innovation and deliver profit.

If working on issues in the IoT connectivity piece is a priority for you then this is a must attend event.

Victoria Lloyd, Head of IoT & M2M, FC Business Intelligence