Fort Worth, Texas (PRWEB) March 11, 2015

Carson Hearing Care in Fort Worth, Texas, is now offering its patients hearing aid models equipped with Bluetooth enabled wireless technology. Individuals suffering from hearing loss will now be able to overcome several of the difficulties encountered with conventional hearing aids by transforming their hearing aids into a set of high-fidelity wireless headsets.

Conventional hearing aids can present a variety of issues related to radio interference and background noise. For example, with standard hearing aids, talking on the phone can be frustratingly difficult. Phones create radio interference that causes a lot of static sound in the hearing aids. Hearing aid users are forced to either struggle through the static or remove their hearing aids, having to speak on the phone without the proper amplification.

Background noise is an additional problem traditional hearing aids are not well-suited to control. Listening to television programs, for instance, can be difficult when the hearing aid is not able to distinguish between the sounds of the TV and competing environmental sounds. Hearing aids tend to amplify the mixture of these sounds, forcing the user to either struggle to follow the TV program or to turn up the TV volume to extreme levels.

The key to addressing both problems is in finding a way to deliver the sound signal directly to the hearing aid, bypassing the radio interference and competing background noise. Thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology, this is precisely what can be accomplished.

Hearing aid users with Bluetooth enabled hearing aids can connect wirelessly to their cell phones, audio players, televisions, and other compatible devices. Users can receive hands-free phone calls with just the right amplification, listen to the television without distracting background noises or voices, and stream music in high-definition, all without ever having to remove the hearing aids.

For more information on how wireless technology can be of benefit, Carson Hearing Care encourages people to visit or to call the contact number below.

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Carson Hearing Care is a full-service audiology practice located in Fort Worth, Texas. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and compassionate staff, Carson Hearing Care offers comprehensive services including hearing tests, hearing aid evaluations, custom hearing aid fittings, hearing aid cleanings, rehabilitative counseling, preventive care advice, and service and repair for all hearing aid models. With services delivered in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, Carson Hearing Care is Texas’ leading destination for better hearing.


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