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One of the best parts of our stylish, durable cases is that they’re so functional. Our v3 accessories make our v3 cases mountable to almost anything! See all of our cases and accessories at http://rokform.com

The v3 case accessories work with all of our v3 cases including the RokBed v3 for iPhone 4/s, the RokShield v3 for iPhone 5, and the RokBed v3 for Galaxy S3. We will soon have a v3 case available for the Galaxy S4, too!

Each of these cases has a round opening in the back. This opening works as a lock with all of the Rokform v3 accessories. Just line up the tabs in the accessories to the opening in the case, give it a twist, and they’re locked into place! It’s that easy.

The Sport Clip and Rokmeister are great for attaching your case to your belt loop or pants pocket. The Rokmeister has the added function of a bottle opener!

Click here for the Sport Clip: http://www.rokform.com/v3-sportclip/

Click here for the Rokmeister: http://www.rokform.com/v3-rokmeister-clip/

For the photography junkies, our Extended Tripod Adapter is the perfect accessory for camera stability on the go. It has ¼ 20 thread, and works with most tripods on the market. Your phone can be mounted in landscape or portrait mode. The adapter also has beveled edges which eliminate vignetting.

Click here for the Extended Tripod Adapter: http://www.rokform.com/v3-tripod-adapter/

If you need a more solid mount, the Suction Mount is perfect. It can be easily attached to any smooth, flat, not-porous surface (such as a car windshield window). It has two angles of adjustment, so you can make sure that your phone’s screen is always easy to view.

Click here for the Suction Mount: http://www.rokform.com/v3-suction-mount/

We also have an easy stick Remote Mounting System (or RMS) that can be mounted to any hard, flat surface by utilizing double-sided 3M tape. Many of us here at Rokform use it has a mount for our car dashboard.

Click here for the RMS: http://www.rokform.com/rokbed-v3-rms/

We also offer a Magnetic Kit so you can mount your phone to any magnetic surface. The Lil’Rok Mount makes it easy to magnetically mount your phone anywhere (again, including the car dashboard) utilizing the magnet and double-sided 3M tape!

Click here for the Magnetic Kit: http://www.rokform.com/v3-magnet-kit/

For sports enthusiasts, we offer a Bike Mount that works in the steer tube of almost any bike. It makes checking your GPS, strava, or navigation app easy, and keeps your phone secure. We also offer two versions of Golf Shooters. Each of them are near the same size and shape of a golf club so they’ll easily fit in your golf bag. Just mount your phone using the Rok Lock technology and you can record your swing on any course!

Click here for the Bike Mount: http://www.rokform.com/v3-bike-mount/

Click here for the Golf Shooter: http://www.rokform.com/cart/v3-Golfshooter.html

Golf Shooter Lite: http://www.rokform.com/v3-golf-shooter-lite/

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Of course, almost all of our accessories are designed, assembled, and manufactured in the USA, right where we’re located—Southern California!

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