The market for digital cameras is enormous there are so many to choose from you can find yourself in a camera minefield.

There are sports versions, professional, semi-professional, tough, hard wearing, waterproof, cameras that come with applications so that you can share your pictures instantly with your social network, the list is endless. Whatever it is you are doing in life there is a camera to suit your needs.

Way back in 1888 the Kodak camera was first offered for sale, and this camera consisted of enough exposure film for 100 pictures, after which you had to return it to the factory for processing and reloading. 1948 saw the introduction of the first instant picture in the form of the Polaroid model 95. It wasnt until the 1970s that we first started seeing digital cameras and their introduction quickly relegated the chemical cameras of yesteryear to a niche market.

Digital cameras became popular instantly and manufactures were rushing to make the best cameras they could, still today there are new cameras coming out each week. The previous trend of trying to manufacture the smallest camera possible seems to be thankfully coming to an end.

As photography is becoming more and more popular, we want a camera that makes a statement as well as producing exceptional images, and these new cameras certainly do that. They have the old style big zoom lens on the front, and the black facia and chrome buttons, giving them a true sense of style.

Digital cameras are common place in todays market and they are integrated into many other products, the mobile phone being the perfect example. The price range for digital cameras is enormous you can have a relatively inexpensive digital cameras that will do all that you require, or you can purchase the professional or semi professional cameras that will deliver outstanding professional results but the cost will be a lot higher.

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