After months and months of rumours the iPad 2 is finally here! It looks yet again like Apple have done it again, creating perhaps the most discussed item of the year (well, before the iPhone 5 gets here anyway!)

The lines, to be honest, ended up yet again ludicrous. An amazing one week following launch and there were still queues in some of Apples more popular retail stores. Mainly to some extent because of internet orders rise in shipping time period every day, consumers are simply not happy to sit and wait for the latest gizmo to turn up in the post.

Individuals buying and selling several units has caused blackmarket rates to sky rocket and items for ordinary consumers to be extremely hard to obtain. However there are several legitimate suppliers out there who bought and changed their mind, or were told by their wifes they should get rid of the gadget! This means there are several items accessible online at reasonable prices by way of a few market places.

Locating them isn’t easy though but you will find websites and suggestions that will really assist you hunt down the items. You may use the following pointers to help locate any upcoming “hot gadgets as well”.

Best practice is to use web sites that have filtered and sifted through websites on the web to get the cheapest iPad 2’s on the market place. Some of the websites may be making commissions from their work, but if you’re receiving the lowest price and saving some cash it wont make a difference to you! They will also definitely remove all the over inflated black market rates.

An alternative choice is to look at cell phone supplier contract offers. In america and Great britain many companies are offering mobile phone like tariff deals. They provide you the iPad at a massively subsidised price but tying you in to an eighteen month or two year deal with a monthly cost for additional data. If you are considering getting a 3G iPad anyway this may sometimes work out quite inexpensive. The data rates are often within the 15gb span and for me personally I actually do believe this is a bit large, you would do well to utilize 15gb of mobile data monthly on your iPad but at any rate you shouldnt be worrying about data limits. With this particular approach you wont need to pay as much out at the start and you will have your regular monthly data allocation however over the course of the agreement you are going to pay more for your iPad in comparison with if you had purchased in full in the beginning.

As a final point, and this might appear an obvious tip, you can try signing up interest at the hometown Apple store/supplier. Good judgment might state to avoid the largest and most well known retailers, drive slightly further and you’ll most likely end up queuing just a little less and therefore save a bit of time. It is also really worth trying to get friendly with the nearby authorised Apple merchant. Its likely they’ll do you favours the official Apple stores won’t (or can’t) for instance offering special discounts or reserving products for you. Ive myself managed to get my local premium apple reseller to supply both discounts and set aside items for me of course, if you can get them to combine both you are on to a complete winning situation!

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