If you are fairly new and want some digital camera help, then let’s cover some of the more common things to help you get started.

The Basics

A digital camera captures the image when the light from an object is focused and falls on a light sensitive sensor within the camera. Each camera’s sensor has tiny little pixels on the surface and the number of pixels determines the highest quality of the resultant image, and also the class of the camera. So a camera that has 4million pixels is known as a 4megapixel camera, and so on.

How many pixels do I need?.

As the number of pixels increases, normally so does the price, and sometimes the size of the camera, so choosing wisely will save you both money and effort in carrying. If you want to print standard photo size prints then a camera of 3-4 mp will be adequate, but if you want to print large A3 prints at a good quality, then you really need a camera of about 6mp+. Remember you can adjust the quality down but you can’t use pixels you haven’t got.

Bells and Whistles

•LCD Screen -Normally on a digital camera you will be framing the shot and reviewing the shot on a small screen at the back of the camera, make sure it is of a decent size and you can view it in sunlight.

•Scene Mode – Allows the camera to set optimum settings for a selected type of shot.

•Focus Points – You have the ability to select a point or area that the camera uses to focus, invaluable when shooting small objects against a bright background.

•Zoom – Optical zoom is better than Digital Zoom so try to get a camera with the highest optical zoom.

•Macro – To enable you to get really close focus, and try for those real ‘Arty’ shots.

•White Balance – Adjusts the camera to compensate for color-cast when shooting under artificial lights.

To give you the best digital camera help, these are fundamental to your enjoyment and results . So take care in selecting. Remember price alone does not guarantee results.

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