While looking into investing in a new digital camera can be quite a thrill, all of the technical specifications and jargon associated with these devices can be a bit daunting if you are relatively new to this type of technology. Thankfully, there are only a few features that casual photographers really need to concern themselves with in order to find a camera that is perfect for their current needs. Understanding the Different Types of Digital Cameras
Today, there are cameras on the market for virtually every type of user ranging from young children to professional photographers. Most people prefer to use cameras that are small enough to fit into an owner’s pocket and have only a handful of easily accessible features. They typically have a durable casing and allow users to easily switch their settings based on whether they are photographing a landscape, a portrait or a smaller object like a flower. There are also beginner cameras that are great for people who are new to computing, micro cameras that are small enough to fit in a wallet and advanced cameras that require a fair amount of technical knowledge in order to operate.
Understanding Pixels and Megapixels
Pixels are basically the individual picture elements that make up an image, and a megapixel is short for one million pixels. In terms of digital cameras, a cameras megapixels is the number of individual image sensor elements that the device has to offer. When digital cameras first started catching on with the public, choosing a camera with the highest number megapixels was considered a top priority. Today, most decent digital cameras are able to capture images with greater resolution than can be displayed on most computer monitors or printed out on most printers. 
Understanding Zoom Features of Digital Cameras
Choose a camera with good zoom capabilities, on the other hand, continues to be a very important part of finding a digital camera that you know that you will be happy with. The key point to understand about zoom is that there are two different types of zoom available: digital and optical. Digital zoom simply enlarges the pixels themselves and results in a lower image resolution the further you zoom in. Optical zoom actually bends the light like a traditional camera lens while retaining an optimum image resolution.
Understanding Digital SLRs

When the first digital cameras appeared on the market, there was some concern over which types of cameras would be compatible with desktop pcs and cheap laptops in the years to come. Virtually all digital cameras can now connect to a basic computer like a Dell laptop through an USB port or a memory card, so computer compatibility is no longer something that modern customers need to factor into their decision.

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