EARTH DAY 2015: 10 Eco-friendly gadgets you must check!
We use so many gadgets in our everyday life however none of them is really environment-friendly. Ion the Erath Day today, we have picked a few eco-friendly gadgets that could be green alternative to other gadgets that we use on everyday basis.
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MyGadget: Kamila Andini: All about Apple
I am very loyal to Apple because of my limited knowledge of gadgets. This is my first smartphone from Apple and I have never changed it yet. I use this smartphone mainly for communication, social media and the camera. I don't have any special …
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Supply chain gurus changing the game
… the company has multiple electronic manufacturers that provide the innards for iPhones, MacBooks and more, noted Bidness Etc. This allows Apple to keep prices down and assure that consumers will still be able to purchase these must-have gadgets.
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