March 2008, the world textile industry will focus on Beijing. New Technology of China International Textile Exhibition, China International Apparel Fabrics and Accessories (Spring) Fair, China International Exhibition of textile yarn, China International Clothing & Accessories Fair four professional exhibition will be held in Beijing over the same period. Gathered more than 2,000 Chinese and foreign yarn, fabrics, garment manufacturers, 100,000 overseas visitors and downstream industries, the exhibition area of 160,000 square meters of textiles for the professional exhibition in Beijing this spring fabric exhibition held in the same period in the same hall China International Textile Exhibition of new technologies after the unprecedented advantage, it will use chain of textile and garment industry show a lot of resources, professional and mature conditions, fast-growing technology for the textile industry exhibition, exchange, trading platform, in the textile accelerate the transformation of the mode of production industry background, leading technology innovation, science and technology. >> Textile energy saving in action

The R & D institutions and businesses together to promote innovation and technology industrialization
China Textile Industry Association Du Chau has repeatedly stressed the value of science and technology innovation is to promote innovation, reduce costs, energy conservation, implementation of corporate social responsibility, the direct driving force to achieve scientific development, in turn, is the implementation of scientific and technological innovation Scientific concept of development, achieve sustainable development and achieve the necessary high quality requirements of high efficiency. Large enterprises to introduce new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment, in particular SMEs, to the general popularity of the application of more sophisticated technology, is the bounden duty of Textile Industry Association.

Exhibition contractors textile industry branch of CCPIT vice chairman Wang Xuhua Wang show two reporters in a recent interview said, will be March 27, 2008 ~ 29, China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, and fabric show held over the same period China International Textile Exhibition of new technologies, the textile industry, thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development of concrete action. In the past in the textile and garment various professional show some new technological achievements, and now new technology development is to chain all aspects of innovative technologies and products is relatively concentrated in a platform, publicity and promotion, so technology supply and demand sides to facilitate the docking, which speed up new technology, new products promotion application process, to better achieve the industrialization of innovative technologies.

According to Wang Xuhua Wang introduced China’s first international exhibition of new textile technology in 2006 in Beijing Textile Machinery Exhibition held in the same period, the exhibition’s content is based on China’s 2010 textile science and technology development outline. For this to be in March held in Beijing in the Second China International Textile Exhibition of new technologies, the organizers according to the textile industry, “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, the content of the show made a further adjustment. Exhibits covering textiles and new materials, new technology and products, new dyes / additives / paste, new equipment and instruments, environmental technology, energy technology, detection technology, standards certification, information technology, involving the whole textile industry chain aspects. English identified as the first exhibition

NEWTEXCHINA, this was changed to INNOTEXCHINA, from the “NEW” to “INNOVATIVE”, from “new” technology to “innovation” technology changes in a word, the reaction from show organizers on the interpretation of a new technology a new upgrade that the new technology mainly refers to innovative technology, refers to the textile industry to promote innovation and development of major significance in the new technology, which fully shows that the exhibition organizers show major changes in philosophy, that China should create new technologies to fight textile textile industry exhibition display and trading innovative technology platform to promote the textile industry to achieve the purpose of technological progress. This exhibition is to determine the “environmental protection, energy saving, clean production” theme and the development direction of China’s textile industry, the major national economic development policies and global economic development, fully consistent with the overall trend.

Exhibitions, technical textiles and new technologies to promote exchanges Trinity
Wang Xuhua Wang talked about, and previous professional exhibition based mainly in the form of different products, new technologies, China International Textile Exhibition will be exhibitions, technology exchange and promotion both in the form to display today’s textile industry, advances in technology, science and technology the fruits of development. 2007 and the Textile Industry Association, the State Science and Technology Progress Award winning project, the first focus of the textile industry to promote technology projects, the first batch of 35 Chinese printing and dyeing industry, advanced technology energy saving recommended projects, textile technology, business model innovation will become the largest exhibition of this year Aspect, held during the show dozens of field-site utility models and technical exchanges and promotion activities will be the highlight of the show.

Wang Xuhua Wang said the exhibition of several major parts of the main content.
New textile material plate. Will focus on promoting various types of natural, ecological, and differentiation of new fiber. The first exhibition of new technology, soybean fiber, corn fiber, bamboo fiber, chitin fiber, natural color cocoon, all kinds of functional fibers have appeared show. However, these fibers are sufficiently well known large, many have realized industrialization and practical application of this new technology development to be done on the new material and hope to have more new, eco-environmental requirements, more promising new type of fiber at the exhibition. The exhibition will

2007 cotton spinning, weaving, dyeing, wool fabrics industries develop innovative products specifically focused on promoting the establishment of display area, the multi award-winning products, high energy, insurance and so on. “Many” refers to multi-sample, using a new type of fiber material varieties; “high” refers to high yarn count, fabric density; “can” refers to the product performance, features and more; “security” means is a health and eco-friendly. Through the development of new technologies focused on the promotion, so that they meet industry product development, product direction, causing the downstream users pay more attention to, and also to establish a direction for enterprise product development, leading to high-tech and high additional value-added enterprise product transformation.

New technology and energy saving technology section. Last year’s Wuxi Cyanobacteria Incident on the textile industry made an unprecedented environmental requirements. Environmental protection, energy conservation, cleaner production has become an inevitable choice for the future development of the industry. Development of new technologies in this regard the development of assistance for the textile industry, this section will bring together a number of this new technology, new technology, especially printing and dyeing industry, first introduced 35 advanced energy conservation technology, involving the equipment, technology , dyes and additives, sewage and waste treatment and so on.

Information Technology Forum. This is the first exhibition of new technology without content. The current information technology in textile industry has penetrated into the design, production monitoring, enterprise resource management, service platform and so on

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