Classic banner stands are among the most classic trade show exhibits. They have existed since the quite starting of conventions, and even though technology has granted them the occasional update or added comfort, they have remained largely identical to their original types. More than the previous couple of years, even so, numerous modifications have been introduced that have taken banner stands from a properly-identified element of the convention equation into an entirely new territory.

Technology, Meet Trade Show Booth

A single of the biggest advances is the current integration of projection screens into banner stands. Initially, these displays have been of little use for actual projection. There wasn’t a good way to integrate a display region into the material, which created acquiring a higher top quality image a challenge. Current advances have overcome this difficulty, and newer styles permit front or rear projection from a normal projecting device.

This new style retains the handy setup and small packaging method that distinguishes little trade show exhibits for numerous companies. The identical quantity of choices is normally present in terms of graphics and other accessories. These styles tend to be slightly more complicated to setup, but are nevertheless estimated to take about 10 to 15 minutes to prepare. The actual set up of the unit itself is easy, but sorting out the projector can be a bit far more complex.

Banner Stands That Show Merchandise And Literature

An additional limitation of the old banner trade show booth was that it could not show merchandise quite effectively. Since it was essentially a piece of plastic or cloth hooked to the top and bottom of a pole, there wasn’t any way to hang a solution on the unit itself, nor could literature very easily be placed on it. Some firms resorted to utilizing a literature pocket, but such inventions often seemed to look awkward.

In response to this, a new style has emerged. This style functions a pedestal integrated into the bottom of the trade show booth, reaching up just high adequate to permit placement of the desired items. Whilst the platform is not overwhelmingly massive, it can accommodate most small merchandise and literature. A lot of organizations have found accomplishment making use of a number of these pedestals, aligning banner stands subsequent to each and every other so that their pedestals are close. In this way, the numerous units act like a single trade show booth, presenting a unified image that buyers discover appealing.

Pop Up Trade Show Exhibits

Though not strictly banners, these units had been heavily influenced by their predecessors. Pop up trade show booths take the concept of a stretched piece of fabric or plastic one step further: they primarily assemble themselves. There is one central hub, and when opened, the spokes straighten themselves out, forming the display. There is practically no assembly necessary, and set-up time can be as tiny as five minutes or less.

Several pop up displays are capable to offer you the very same conveniences of a far more classic unit, but their design and style remains exclusive. They are offered in several sizes, and can be placed on a table, employed as a complementary show to highlight some thing else, or even utilised as a trade show booth in their personal correct.

Discover Just before You Purchase

If you haven’t looked at the selection of trade show exhibits in several years, you should take some time to browse ahead of you make your subsequent purchase. Even if none of the upgrades are for you, it really is nevertheless excellent to know what is offered. You can take a appear at your subsequent convention, or contact your organization and see no matter whether they’re carrying the newest styles. If not, look at the sites of some of the leading firms and explore sector periodicals to find out more.

Chris Harmen writes for Skyline, a top innovator of trade show booth technologies. Skyline’s current developments consist of banner stands that incorporate projection screens with traditional styling.

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