SHELTON, Connecticut (PRWEB) January 02, 2015

FitLinxx, the maker of the new AmpStripTM, a heart rate and activity wearable revolutionizing athletes’ ability to make better training decisions and improve performance, announced today the launch of a Indiegogo campaign. Interested athletes, fitness enthusiasts and gadget lovers can support the crowdfunding campaign and be one of the first to receive the new product – which is expected to be commercially released in the second quarter of 2015. Supporters may also have the opportunity to serve as a beta tester in early March, providing feedback and support for final development.

AmpStrip is a thin, sensor-filled waterproof device that monitors heart rate and activity around the clock with accuracy – all within a device as discrete and comfortable as a Band-Aid®. Using hypoallergenic, medical-grade adhesives, it sticks to the user’s torso to automatically track heart rate, activity, respiration, skin temperature and posture; not only during workouts but also during rest, recovery and sleep. The data is wirelessly streamed to a mobile app either in real-time or at the next connection, storing memory between as needed.

FitLinxx designed the new product based on its more than 20 years of experience providing industry-leading enterprise health and fitness technology.

“This is our first foray into direct-to-consumer products and we want to do it right,” said Dave Monahan, president and CEO of FitLinxx. “We’re excited to share our product on Indiegogo and get feedback from athletes. We know having them as part of our AmpStrip team will make our product that much better.”

By contributing to the campaign, backers will have the opportunity to get the first commercially available product. They will also have a chance to be selected as part of the beta pilot program where they will receive an early version to test. The feedback garnered from this beta will help mold the final product.

Indiegogo support ranges from $ 25 to $ 10,000, and perks received are based on the level of support. For more information and to sign up to support the Indiegogo campaign, visit For more information about the AmpStrip, visit

About FitLinxx

FitLinxx has developed industry-leading enterprise health and fitness technology for more than 20 years, motivating people to live actively and improve well-being. Partners around the world leverage the company’s wireless activity monitors, health devices and software to help people accurately track and measure their daily activity levels and health indicators like weight and blood pressure. In addition, FitLinxx’s fitness facility solution helps members adopt exercise habits that achieve health and fitness goals.

FitLinxx is making its first foray into the consumer product industry with the launch of the revolutionary AmpStripTM. Recognized by the International Consumer Electronics Show® (CES) as a 2015 Best of Innovation Honoree for outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products, it combines beautiful, lightweight and waterproof design with super smart technology. AmpStrip is the first heart rate and activity monitor that can be comfortably and discretely worn around the clock and provides automatic, continuous and accurate data to help athletes train to the edge. For more information, visit


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