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In the just-concluded 12th China Beijing International Higher-Tech Expo, Hisense mainstream media and organization concentrate. In the global
The continued spread of the crisis led to sharp drop in the performance of several enterprises the context of the very first 4 months of this year, Hisense increase the overall efficiency of 160%. Press conference from the Cobo found sturdy contrarian by Hisense primary variables: the continuing technological innovation and structural adjustment in time for Hisense to seize the chance, against the dangers, improve the efficiency.

Hisense at the Cobo

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Multimedia exhibition at the Hisense, have hailed as the “core” of the audio and video processing chip, is the tiny piece of chip, four years ago, the end of our annual output of more than 7000 million Tv there is no “China chip” history, it also Hisense Television in the domestic marketplace to sustain the major position accomplished a lot. In the scene, the reporter saw the premiere of “Trust Core generation” goods, according to Hisense R &amp D personnel, its size and the “core letter on behalf of” the exact same, but the integration is 5 occasions generation. At present, this chip has been successfully applied not only
Flat Panel Tv
And stability is reached the planet sophisticated level, which indicates that it will finish with tens of millions of Chinese generate flat-panel TVs imported chips utilised in all the history.

An additional business breakthrough in core technology, Hisense LCD module also has an image of another name?? “National face.” September 2007, Hisense LCD module successfully launched, not only for the first time broke the foreign brands on the plate upstream industrial chain
And strengthened their ability to handle the cost of the machine, Hisense LCD Television modules put into production, reduced fees than the outsourcing of modules by 10% or a lot more, the complete price reduce of 5%? 6%. At the moment, much more than a single and a half major market peers Hisense LCD module project has an annual production capacity of 1.five million has drastically expanded the space enterprise product innovation and market voice.

In Yee statistics show that the very first quarter of this year, Hisense flat-panel Television industry share reached 17.35%, far ahead of other competitors, achieved considering that 2004 in the Chinese flat-panel market place, “five in a row.”

Hisense Tv at the booth in Cobo

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Years, Hisense adhere to technical innovation and crucial technologies on the improvement and extension of the upstream sector chain, on the one hand, grasp the core components of self-development and production to be truly “heart with bottom” the other hand, forefront of solution development and launch of the very first, top consumer trends, has been recognized by the industry and customer confidence.

In the market place approach, Hisense and accurate grasp of the plate, digitalization and network technology trends and customer demand, the first to launch flat-panel upgrade the “speed war.” Hisense has just been listed as the recent blue-media V88 series flat-panel TVs, applied self-developed 17 Hisense patented technology, the 1st in China to obtain a complete Chenggao Qing + Network Interconnection a major breakthrough, accomplished from the “passive watching Television” to “Interactive
With Television
“Revolution, constructed up rich, straightforward-to-property media center. In this year’s” 51 “Tiny Golden Week, Hisense Blue Media has been sought after by consumers, many of the regional marketplace also sells the goods.
Hisense LCD Tv LED display is a groundbreaking solution, Hisense 42-inch, 47-inch LED LCD Television market than the domestic business volume ahead of a year and a half. CCFL backlight compared to the ordinary LCD Television, LED LCD Tv has a colorful,
Environmental protection, outstanding technical advantages such as ultra-thin, flat-panel Television business is upgrading to market the revolutionary solution. Hisense formally put into production in 2008 was China’s first LED LCD module production line, China’s initial company to launch 42-inch LED LCD Tv, for Chinese enterprises to seize the high power LED market into confidence. At present, Hisense has been in the field of LED LCD Tv for far more than 40 patents, far more mature technology, solution line expansion also to 42 inch, 47 inch, 55 inch and other specifications.

In charge of overseas markets, vice president of Hisense Group, Dr. Lin Lan told this reporter, the larger the monetary crisis has mainly created nation markets, Hisense by adhering to technologies innovation, by way of the structure,
Structure and the restructuring of the international industry regions, to accomplish the very first four months of substantial development in profits. The initial 4 months, Hisense Television exports rose 80%, Hisense LCD Television sales in the Australian market grew 337 %, in the African market place grew by 426.66%, Hisense brand in the growing influence abroad.

In the context of the economic crisis, the Chinese export enterprises are facing much more embarrassment, the final evaluation, this phenomenon is that the lack of independent technologies and brands. Hisense and other Chinese brands and accurate grasp of the crisis, “potential” market place opportunities, important technological breakthroughs, accelerate the reaction rate, timely strike, the occupation of the promising regional markets, attain much better and faster development.

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