When it comes to buying gifts for him, the male species can be pretty predictable. With the technological world advancing every day all around us it’s easy to see why men of all ages hanker after the latest gizmos and gadgets whether they are of practical use or for pleasures sake. Not only are these modern phenomena addictive but they are becoming “must-haves.” It is of the utmost importance to have the “latest” phone, computer, games console etc. However when it comes to choosing gifts such as these, the risk is that your recipient may already have the item you had in mind. In order to avoid this embarrassing situation you need to look for more unusual technical toys.

One example of this is the palm sized air guitar. It’s a palm sized guitar fret board which allows the man in your life to indulge his musical whims by detecting his strumming by the use of laser, and show off to the boys when they come round for drinks. It comes with pre-programmed songs and also a freestyle mode, so your guy will be jamming the night away in no time!

Another clever and much more practical gizmo is the alcohol tester key chain. This nifty number should be attached to any set of keys as by simply breathing into the sensor it will indicate whether or not the owner is over the legal limit. And just to show off….this also doubles as a torch; neat.

For the man with the smart phone, he will love the underwater phone cases now available. These multi-colour rubber cases are triple sealed and can go to depths of ten metres underwater, perfect for holiday pool snaps or even snorkelling! All cases come with a neck strap for extra security in the pool or sea. Genius!

For the man on the move, constantly travelling here, there and everywhere a digi-frame key chain is a great gift idea. These can be pre-loaded with images of family and friends to make it the perfect gift for any occasion.

However there is a tricky category of men to buy gifts for and these are the men who are not into the gadgets and gizmos taking the world by storm. These men prefer the simpler times of long ago and may appreciate the gift of an experience day. These gift packages are extremely popular as there is truly a choice to suit everyone and anyone. From gardening day course to cookery classes, rally car racing to sports stadium tours, bungee jumping to pampering, the choice is entirely yours. These packages are effectively vouchers so your recipient can choose when and sometimes even where he wishes to partake in his experience and you can be sure it will be a day he never forgets.

So when buying gifts for him think outside the box. Most savvy men these days have the latest and greatest of “essential” technology but it’s the quirky gifts that stand out. The best place to search for the more obscure gifts like these is online. So whether you choose a gadget or an experience day package make sure the man in your life know how much he means to you!


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