Eco-friendly gadgets are a great way of combining modern science with sustainability. Eco-friendly gadgets, or green gizmos, can be any device that saves energy, are made from recycled material, or can be re-used.

Its never too soon to start taking care of the environment. Today, there are myriad creative and interesting green alternatives among electronic gadgets. Lets take a look at nine environment friendly electronics and appliances.

Light Powered Watches
Watches that use solar energy or ambient lighting to power are more eco-friendly than the ones that use batteries to power up the watch. Such watches can charge even in low to dim light. Invariably, batteries are made from toxic materials and hence are extremely difficult to recycle, which makes solar-powered watches a great green alternative.

Bamboo Computer Peripherals
Computer peripherals like keyboards, mouse etc. made from bamboo are a great green option to the same computer parts made from plastic and non-degradable materials.

Solar Chargers
Solar chargers and docking stations for mobile phones and iPods are another great way of ensuring sustainability. These chargers use sunlight to power up gadgets instead of batteries. Sunlight is a source of energy easily available and is a better option to non-degradable batteries.

Power-Saving TV Sets
A number of flat panel television sets these days are designed with energy-saving measures and environmentally-friendly materials. These include dimming the backlight depending on whats playing on the TV, using lead-free materials, using sensors that adjust the backlight according to the lighting in a room, using recycled paper for packaging and manuals etc.

Wind and Sun Powered Battery Charger
There are portable green options for charging batteries. Rechargeable batteries are by themselves a green option. Using green chargers ensures you double up your efforts to stay green and play your part in sustaining our environment. These green battery chargers use two green options for charging, options that are easily and naturally available: wind and sunlight.

Sun Oven
Cooking using electric ovens can be a huge drain on power. A green option during summer is cooking using a sun oven. A sun oven using cardboard, mirrors, and polished metal is easy to make and can be created at home too.

LED Light Bulbs
A great eco-friendly option for traditional bulbs is the rechargeable LED light bulbs that reduce CO2 emissions. Such environmentally-friendly bulbs also consume less power, thus resulting in energy saving as well as reduced electricity bills.

Electric Motorcycles & Cars
Electric motorcycles and cars ensure zero emission of carbon, keeping the environment clean while also ensuring fast transportation. These vehicles are also extremely easy to use and operate.

Bamboo Bicycles
Bicycles by themselves are extremely environment-friendly, since they do not require fuel for riding. Bamboo bicycles thus provide double the eco-friendly benefit, since these bicycles are made from bamboo, an eco-friendly option for materials for an already green mode of transport.

In these times of global warming and green house effects, incorporating eco-friendly devices and gadgets into everyday life has become extremely critical. With a little bit of care and attention, we all can do our bit in ensuring a greener, safer, and healthier planet.

John is an expert at sustainable and green solutions, and works to educate young school children about the importance of being eco-friendly, environmentally conscious and using Environment friendly electronics gadgets and appliances.

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