Accessing and building your social network is easier than ever with an iPhone. Some people, though, may still be having trouble. Never fear; this article will help you use your iPhone in the best way possible.

When using Safari, make calls with one tap. Suppose you are using the Internet to locate a pharmacy near your home. When you find a number, you don’t have to go back to the phone menu to call. Simply tap the number and the phone will automatically call it.

Do you feel overwhelmed by push notifications on your iPhone? You can easily turn them off. After you open the main “Settings” menu, touch the bar called “Notifications.” Look at your apps under “In Notification Center” to remove any you don’t want. Doing this will keep the life of your battery long.

Create your very own shortcuts and add to your own dictionary with the iPhone. As you dictate or type, the dictionary will know what you are saying. You can add phrases and shortcuts to your phone while programming it. This also works with the autocorrect.

If you download an application that will let you upload your files to the iPhone, you can utilize it as a device for storage. You can use your phone for many applications like image and video uploads, file uploads and music downloads. You can view and manipulate your files right through your iPhone, or link it to another computer to download and access them.

Add efficiency to messaging by using this technique. If you want to avoid suggestions from the dictionary, tap the screen anywhere to ignore it. An “X” out option appears, as you can simply neglect this.

After you link all the social media accounts on your phone, you will feel more connected to everyone on different social media sites. By using this information, you can stay in touch with your family and friends all the time. This is one of things that makes the iPhone so amazing.

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