Rochelle Park, NJ (PRWEB) March 17, 2015

The Hydro-Pulse Whitening Flosser is a home whitening and water flossing system that is coming soon to Kickstarter. The Hydro-Pulse Whitening Flosser is easily installed in the shower for a maintained and time-efficient, professional-strength teeth cleaning in the comfort of the user’s home.

The Hydro-Pulse Whitening Flosser brings the function of a water flosser, however, unlike the traditional flosser, it is hooked up with a one-time install in the shower. The Hydro-Pulse Whitening Flosser also has removable cartridges with whitening capabilities. This product also helps treat gum disease.

“I wanted to create a professional-strength product that people could use in between visits and in the comfort of their own home,” said Dr. Jason Schepis, creator of the Hydro-Pulse Whitening Flosser. “This is an extremely effective and efficient product at an affordable price, unlike anything else on the market. It really is one-of-a-kind because it cleans, disinfects and whitens all in the shower!”

The Hydro-Pulse Whitening Flosser will crowdfund on Kickstarter next month and will run for approximately 40 days with a $ 100,000 funding goal. The campaign focuses on bringing a one-of-a-kind dental product to market while offering affordable dental care products that are based upon form, function, accessibility and affordability.

The Hydro-Pulse Whitening Flosser is a unique gadget that has many one-of-a-kind features:

         – It is the only whitening flosser on the market

         – It is installed in the shower

         – It has no motor to burn out

         – It doesn’t have a water well so it won’t build bacteria

         – It uses zero counter space

The Hydro-Pulse Whitening Flosser’s market suggested retail price is $ 59.99, and the add on Whitening Flosser Sonic Brush is $ 39.99. A bulk package will be offered that includes two Whitening Flosser Sonic Brushes and a Whitening Flosser for $ 99.99. Discounts will be offered to backers in early bird rewards during the campaign.

For more information about Dr. Jason Schepis and his team, visit

About Dr. Jason Schepis & The Hydro-Pulse Whitening Flosser Team

Dr. Jason Schepis, dentist for the New York Giants, New Jersey Devils, New York Red Bulls and the Brooklyn Nets and the Hydro-Pulse Whitening Flosser team created the Hydro-Pulse Whitening Flosser to provide the most effective and accessible in-home dental care gadget for users to use in between cleaning and whitening visits. For more information about Dr. Jason Schepis and his team visit