New York, NY (PRWEB) February 12, 2015

Cord Project Inc., a New York based startup founded by former Googlers Jeff Baxter and Thomas Gayno, today announced group messaging for its flagship product, Cord. Cord is an incredibly simple, free voice messaging service, available on both Android and iOS in sixteen languages. Cord is inspired by the brevity and spontaneity of the text message, but thanks to the inherent power of voice, it offers richer and more personal communication.

The introduction of group messages opens the door to private jokes between friends, awesome family updates, and productive conversations with a team – all via a simple and seamless voice messaging application. “We’ve seen tremendous traction over the past few weeks” said co-founder and CEO Thomas Gayno, “and group messaging quickly became the number one feature requested by our users.”

Since its official release in December 2014, Cord has already reached hundreds of thousands of users. Over sixty hours of voice are sent through Cord’s servers every day. Additionally, Cord has seen a 60 percent increase in messages sent messages during the holidays.

Cord Project is also extending Cord’s capabilities to the iPad. Thanks to its camera and microphone, iPads have quickly become a communication hub for a lot of families around the world. “The simplicity of Cord lets us flex onto tablets relatively quickly,” said Cord’s co-founder and creative director, Jeff Baxter. “This isn’t just a bigger version of the mobile app. A few key changes make the iPad experience feel more like a place to lean back and listen to meaningful messages, highlighting the personal nature of voice over text.”

About Cord Project Inc.:

At Cord Project Inc. we believe in the power of voice. We’re re-imagining how we use voice with today & tomorrow’s always-on devices to connect people in a simpler and more expressive way. Based in New York, and beginning development for a worldwide v1 launch in the fall, we’re actively hiring the best iOS and Android developers.

Cord Project’s founders, Thomas Gayno & Jeff Baxter previously worked together for 5 years at Google Creative Lab in New York where they invented new products, features, brands and experiences such as Google Glass, Android, Chrome, The Wilderness Downtown, Hangouts, Coder for Raspberry Pi & YouTube Play. Building on years of experience in the technology, brand, and communication space, they left Google in April to build something new with Cord Project Inc.

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