When the iPad 2 was launched in March it sold out in two days. Apple stores and retailers were scrambling for stock and hundreds of excited customers were left disappointed. If the original iPad wasn’t enough of a market-defining product, the iPad 2 is doing a good job at following suit.

But what is it about the iPad 2 that is so enthralling? What makes this a product worth sleeping outside the Mac store for?

• Superior software: For all the tech-heads, when it comes to hardware and software selection, the iPad 2 rises far above its competitors.

• Design: Apple is famous for its simple, functional design. The iPad 2 may not break a lot of new software ground but the new model is thinner, sleeker and faster than the original.

• Handling: It feels good in your hands and is thoughtfully crafted. It’s light enough to not be cumbersome but has a weight that gives it permanence. The new tapered edges mean holding it is a pleasure.

• Display: iPad 2’s screen is identical to the original model but the resolution and colour balance and deepness of blacks is unmatched.

• Wireless: All iPad s are configured for efficient and effortless wireless internet connections. With the right plan, it’s a breeze.

• Sound: Now located at the back of the device, the sound from the speaker is clearer than ever.

• Battery life: Up on the original iPad’s 9 hours and 33 minutes, the iPad 2 now boasts a 10 hour and 26 minute battery life.

• Browser: The iPad 2 internet browser is faster and more responsive than the original and is closer than ever to the speed you see on laptops.

More than anything, the iPad allows you to do things you would otherwise rely on a laptop for. Combine wireless broadband prepaid internet and you will be browsing, news reading, emailing, picture and video editing, downloading and uploading to your heart’s content.

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