iPad Apps Development – Weather is very important and play a big role in creating mythology, and early religions. We can prepare ourselves in advance if we have the knowledge of coming weather. In due course developers have developed weather applications for iPad. Some of them are as follows:

AccuWeather.com for iPad Apps Development

15 day local forecast for 2.7 million US and international locations world wide.
24 hours of hour-by-hour forecast for the all those locations
A wide range of original videos including national and regional forecast, sports weather, and breaking weather news
Weather news headlines which allows user to keep up on the latest weather store development
Detailed current condition for the current location of the users.
Striking, realistic weather icons for all forecast data
Large animated radar/satellite images
Weather alarms that warn users for potential high wind, heavy rains, snow, ice, and thunderstorms
Serve weather alerts for US locations
GPS location sensitivity allows you to find your location with one click
Accelerometer motion sensitivity for fun and easy navigation
Multiple locations those are easily accessible

Earthquake Lite

Live USGS earthquake data delivered quickly to your iPad.
International data
Sort list by magnitude, location or time
Full Google map integration with detailed map view
Integration within the map to the USGS website
You can report if you felt the earthquake directly on the USGS website
Email detailed screenshots of maps and vital details anytime to anyone

AniWeather US HD AniWeather provides animated weather information for US cities to your iPad Apps. It is one of the most popular weather apps in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Now it is available for your iPad Apps. Data feed for AniWeather comes from the National Weather Service.

Here are some highlighted features of iPad Apps Development:

Weather information in appealing animations
Real time condition update plus seven day forecast
Check the weather of all major US cities or towns
A rich set of graphic reports including radar, satellite, etc.
Fully customizable to fit your preference like temperature unit, location list etc.
High resolution graphics and forecast

Aviation NEXRAD RADAR HD for iPad Apps

This app is designed for pilots, travelers and aviation enthusiasts. This app shows US radar sites only.

Feature includes:

Radar images are overlay with Google maps, VORs or airports
Plots all VORs in the United States
Plots approximately 600 major US airports
Reflectivity, Doppler velocity and Relative Doppler Velocity images
Looping of images
Controls for radar opacity and looping speed
Finds closet radar to present location

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