With an outstanding track record in innovative technologies and highly skilled workers, Israel is extensively regarded a single of the top markets for investing. These days, the expanding CleanTech sector in Israel is attracting mounting attention and rising awareness. Israel already has some successes in the CleanTech market as properly as some promising firms. Investment interests and possibilities are naturally developing and it seems there are more and more prospects for new and promising investments to be made.

ten Points You Need to Know About Israel’s CleanTech Market

1. Definition – CleanTech is an interdisciplinary market focusing on preserving the earth’s resources – power, water and air.

two. Organizations – There are 320 organizations in Israel that can be defined as specializing in the CleanTech field.

three. Water – Water is the biggest sector in Israel. There are around 220 organizations that focus on the water industry. The scope of water technologies exports in Israel this year will stand on 1.2 billion dollars.

four. The biggest organization in the water field – The largest firm in Israel focusing on water is Netafim. The scope of sales this year will exceed half a billion dollars.

five. The biggest firm in the power field – The biggest organization in Israel focusing on alternative power is Ormat. Ormat’s sales will reach 300 million dollars this year.

six. Growth – The quickest growing CleanTech business in Israel is Solel. The company’s sales will reach among 80-100 million dollars in 2007, in comparison to 3 million dollars last year.

7. Investments – In the final two years, more than 300 million dollars had been invested in the CleanTech business. The largest investment was produced in Netafim.

8. “Hottest” fields – The “hottest” fields in Israel are water purification and solar energy.

9. Initiatives – In the final two years, over 13 investment bodies were established in the CleanTech market of them four incubators.

ten. Biodiesel – Israeli organizations have implemented investments worth 200 million dollars in the Biodiesel field.

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