Ottawa, Ontario Canada (PRWEB) May 02, 2015

Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd., a leader and pioneer of open source enterprise billing has released jBilling Telco Edition version 4.1.

jBilling’s Telco Edition 4.1 comes with many new features: Invoice Template Generator (ITG), Assignment History, Asset Reservation, Salt Password Encryptor, and Admin Reset Password.

In addition, 4.1 brings several feature enhancements including: Line Percentage Strategy, Plan Pricing Timeline, Customer & Account Type Special Price Start/Expiry Date, Password Lockout, Password Expiry, Meta Field Enhancements, Secure Password Recovery, Multi-Threaded Billing Process, and jQGrid List Views.

“jBilling is dedicated to providing the best technologies for managing complex telco billing,” says Emiliano Conde, Founder & President of Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd.. “This release provides a combination of new and enhanced features to ensure we continue to grow the best open source enterprise billing software solution on the market.”

jBilling Telco Edition new features:

Invoice Template Generator (ITG). Create invoice templates directly in the user-friendly jBilling UI without programming skills (an alternative to Jasper Reports). Manage an unlimited number of templates for groups or individual customers that can contain different logos, address information, billing requirements, billing events, and more.

Asset Assignment History. Track asset assignment changes in jBilling between order, customer or dates.

Asset Reservation. Reserve an asset for a specific customer for a configurable period of time. The asset becomes unavailable to all other customers until the reservation expires, or the asset is purchased by the customer who has the reservation.

Salt Password Encryptor. Secure password hashing using salted passwords. jBilling’s preferred method is: BCRYPT, but other methods such as MD5_SALT, SHA1, SHA256 are also available.

Admin Reset Password. Administrative Users with configured permissions can reset customer and other user passwords via the UI for quick system re-entry.

jBilling Telco Edition Feature Enhancements:

Line Percentage Strategy. Prior to 4.1, this pricing model was a simple field. It is now included in the consolidated list of available pricing models. This allows percentage products to have a price history as well as Account Type or Customer specific percentages.

Plan Pricing Timeline. Apply a start and end date for changes in price to any plan. Price changes can also be applied to individual products within the plan, in addition to the plan itself, for past, present and future dates.

Customer & Account Type Special Price Start/Expiry Date. Define a start and expiry date for products with a special price for Customers or Account Types from the UI.

Late Guided Rating. Support of late event rating based on date specific, or past date subscription rates. Both jBilling Mediation and the application can return correct rates based on any subscription at any point in time.

Password Lockout. Configure the number of password entry attempts a user has before the system locks the account.

Password Expiry. Define the number of days a password is active. Once the value is reached, the system will require the user to update the expired password.

Meta Field Enhancements. Meta Field Types now define notification variables via the Account Information Type interface only.

Secure Password Recovery. The system provides users with the option to recover either a lost or forgotten password to easily regain access to their billing information.

Multithreaded Billing Process: Several updates were made to increase billing process performance.

jQGrid List Views. In addition to the Route Rate Cards area of the system, configuring one preference now changes the display of most areas of the UI to the jQGrid List View.


Enterprise jBIlling Software Ltd, an AppDirect Company, is a global player with consultants on four continents. It is a mature and rapidly evolving open source system. It delivers a comprehensive billing solution that is popular with many industries including: Telecommunications, ISPs, ASPs, and Media.

For information on jBilling, contact sales(at)jbilling(dot)com, or visit our website,

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