Backyard movie nights more entertaining with the right gadgets
Kids and adults gather for a screening of "The Incredibles" at the home of Julio Ojeda-Zapata. The gear includes a collapsible screen, twin speakers and a projector on loan from Eden Prairie's Backyard Theater Systems. (Pioneer Press: Julio Ojeda-Zapata).
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We're hiring a writer to cover video games and gadgets
VentureBeat and GamesBeat is hiring a writer to put a magnifying glass on video games and gadgets — and how technology intersects them. The games/gadget writer leads the coverage of gadgets for both sides of the site and also is the face for GamesBeat …
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10 Real-Life Gadgets That Will Make You In To A Proper Spy
Luckily, we have here, a range of gadgets to ensure that you're able to listen in on any conversation, conquer any terrain, thwart any attacker, and, most importantly of all, catch those bad guys. Just think of us as your own personal Q. With …
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