Five factors that could ground the drone economy
Put simply: drones sound like fun gizmos, until they're falling on our heads or spying on us. "This technology has immense power, but it has developed faster than regulations," says Nick Beecroft, Lloyd's of London's manager of emerging risk and research.

Rechargeable batteries: Which are the most eco-friendly?
The government doesn't currently regulate charger efficiency, unfortunately, but here's hoping these recently proposed new standards net us even better gizmos soon. Solar chargers are another totally viable option, Geraldine, whether you're looking to …
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Verizon's Hum gives your old car a new brain
Verizon wants to breathe new smarts into America's dumb fleet of cars, adding electronic brains to any 1996-or-newer vehicles for just $ 15 a month. Dubbed Hum, the little gizmo with the friendly name brings the safety and diagnostic capabilities of a …
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