Pro video game tournament coming to Keller in August | The Star Telegram
KELLER. The video game tournament is called EGLDallas10K, but it's coming to Keller. An electronic sports — better known as eSports — tournament will be held at The Keller Pointe from Aug. 7 to Aug. 9, and gamers will compete for $ 40,000 in prize money.
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Buying Video Games on Release Day Makes me Feel Like an Idiot
I'm not a fan of pre-owned, because I'd rather see my money go to the people who made a video game than the retailer that's selling it, and also when I've been looking forward to a game for months or years I quite often don't want to wait any longer …
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Obscure Video Games: The Sniper 2 – Destructoid
Obscure Video Games: The Sniper 2. 16 hours ago – 12:00 PM on 07.25.2015 // Obscure Video Games. @obscurevgs. Hit or miss? The Sniper 2 is not a good game. In fact, it's pretty much the epitome of "kusoge." But that's what makes it so entertaining.
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