Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 24, 2015

LiveDeposition, a leading provider of local and cloud-based remote deposition and video conferencing solutions for the legal industry, announced today a new feature for users of their LocalRealtime™ product, which allows for the streaming of realtime to offsite remote deposition participants.

Officially released in the fourth quarter of 2013, LiveDeposition’s LocalRealtime™ is a fully universal router based system that allows court reporters to wirelessly deliver their realtime transcription text to onsite deposition participants without requiring the internet or additional cords and cables. From any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, or Android mobile device, deposition participants can then view the realtime text, search for and highlight keywords, as well as export the transcript into any litigation realtime viewing software.

Originally, court reporters using the LocalRealtime™ router were only able to send their realtime text to local or onsite legal teams. Now, with the new remote feature they will be able to stream their realtime text via the Internet, to remote, offsite participants as well. “Court Reporters who use and love our LocalRealtime™ router had been requesting the ability to stream their realtime to offsite participants for some time now.” stated Jason Richmond, Account Executive at LiveDeposition, “In the past this feature was reserved for only those Court Reporters that were using our RemoteRealtime™, web-based deposition streaming and video conferencing solution, but we have now opened the feature up to include those Court Reporters and Agencies using our LocalRealtime product as well.”

Both LocalRealtime™ and RemoteRealtime™ are marketed as revenue generating tools for court reporters and agencies. The decision to integrate realtime streaming capabilities into their LocalRealtime™ product builds upon that. “It’s truly a win, win for both our freelance court reporter clients and our agency clients.” Richmond went on to say, “Through many test groups we found that court reporting agencies streaming realtime to remote participants often receive requests from attorneys for other services, such as audio and video, which allowed the agency to offer different types of al la carte billable services. Now freelance reporters have the ability to generate additional income as well by offering remote text streaming.”

Where the RemoteRealtime™ product allows for streaming of text, audio and video, LocalRealtime™ will be limited to text only. If an attorney would like audio and video in addition to the text, the court reporter taking the deposition will need to partner up with a Certified LiveDeposition RemoteRealtime™ Agency.

For more information on LiveDeposition or their LocalRealtime™ and RemoteRealtime™ solutions, please visit http://www.livedeposition.com or call 888.337.6411.

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