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Look for ‘Art Education’ in the App Store, and you won’t find it. Sure, there’s Painting and Drawing, and Music, Geology, Astronomy and a host of other subjects. Still there’s no true category for Art – one that gives children the elements and principles of art in a way that they can understand, even have fun with. Madcap Logic is pleased to fill that niche with their new suite of Creativity Express Apps.

The Educational App Store has awarded all four Creativity Express Apps their to 5-star rating. All Apps are recognized for learning outcomes including Cognitive Development, Communication Skills, Collaboration Skills and Creative Development.

Each App is a set of four lessons, covering the full 16 lesson Creativity Express curriculum. The Apps move in sequence:

Start with Art” contains the first four introductory lessons from Creativity Express. Start With Art begins the sequence of four apps, which cover the full 16 lessons of Creativity Express. The lessons in Start With Art are designed to begin a child’s journey into the world of art, creativity, and visual learning.

Includes: ‘Art as a Language’, ‘Messages in Art’, ‘Line’, ’Shape & Form’

Color Smart” contains the second set of four lessons from Creativity Express. The lessons in Color Smart focus on color theory, the use of color in artwork to create an emotional response, and the chemistry and history of making paint.

Includes: ‘Value’, ‘Color’, ‘Warm & Cool Colors’, ‘Making Paint’

Envision Art” contains the third installment of Creativity Express. The four lessons of Envision Art use the foundations of the previous apps to explore subtle but sophisticated techniques artists use to convey emotions and communicate through their work.

Includes: ‘Eyes’, ‘Movement’, ‘Emphasis’, ‘Portraits’

Charting Art” contains the last four lessons of Creativity Express. These final lessons make cross-curricular connections to math and history, engaging children in more complex subjects using art as the compass.

Includes: ‘Time’, ‘Math’, ‘Museums’, ‘Inspiration’

Each App Features:

  Animated art guides – Tickles, Furnace, and Ruby – lead children through four fun and engaging cross-curricular lessons designed to enhance your child’s critical thinking skills and unlock their creativity and problem solving capability.
  8 ‘Creativity Builders’ art projects give children hands-on experience using knowledge from each lesson. Two projects per lesson, the topics range from making a time capsule to designing a movie set.
  A ‘Parents’ page detailed guide to each Creativity Builders project including objectives, vocabulary, materials and procedures.
  Idea Gizmo to jump-start your child’s imagination and creative thinking skills.
  Doodle Gizmo -A fun, easy-to-use drawing and painting program for your mobile device.
  Comprehensive Glossary of art terms and definitions

These four apps are available individually, or as a discounted Bundle in the App Store.

About Madcap Logic:

Madcap Logic, LLC was founded in 2003 by former animators from The Walt Disney Company with a vision to re-define Art Education. Collaborating with professional educators they produced Creativity Express, a multi-award winning online curriculum that meets the National Standards for the Visual Arts. Sixteen cross-curricular lessons teach the elements and principles of art, with an added focus on empowering kids’ inner creativity, imagination and critical thinking skills. Today, Madcap Logic is known for developing fun, innovative educational products that help kids achieve a new understanding of the visual world around them. .

Madcap Logic’s ‘Character Lab‘ App further showcases the company’s artistic talents with an innovative approach to messaging. ‘Character Lab’ allows for manipulation of characters, props and settings to create unique images that tell visually comic stories. Character Lab is available in the App Store.

About the Educational App Store:

The Educational App Store (EAS) are educational app specialists, who provide personalised services relating to the successful integration of mobile learning in schools, colleges and universities. The EAS believe that a focus on matching educational apps to the curriculum is key for ensuring that both educators and learners get the most out of their mobile learning experience. They focus on performance, educational value and curriculum alignment when assessing the apps within their store. As well as writing a written review, teachers use a set of criteria, called Rubrics, to assess apps based on their learning outcomes and award a Certification, which is presented as a score out of 5 stars.

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