Recently, the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Finance, Customs Department, State Administration of Taxation announced officially recognized the 2008 National Enterprise Technology Center of evaluation results, kitchen electrical side too is the only recognized company, logo kitchen electric industry of China’s first state-level technology center birth. Recently, too, President Mao Zhong Fang group accepted to be interviewed.

According to reports, the state identified for the Enterprise Technology Center has a strict examination conditions, in addition to economic and technological enterprises have strong economic strength and better things, they would also have the best research, development, test conditions, core technology with independent intellectual property rights and other harsh conditions.

Out of the low-tech Mistakes In the eyes of ordinary people, kitchen electric industry is the low-tech industries, products, whether

Hood Or the stove did not have much “technical content”, does not.

“Kitchen power than low-tech ‘synonym’. To smoke machine manufacturing process for a high quality smoke machine, from R & D to production stage will be carried out hundreds of different test procedures.

Range Hood Suction fan demands strong and low noise, even more than these indicators make aircraft engines is immune. Regardless of the core component hood fan air volume, air pressure, total pressure efficiency of the test, the national housing a variety of simulated flue smoke testing, smoke machine and even minor to each switch button, we must go through hundreds of oil spill splash test to test it in the non-performance under normal use, and this in other places is unimaginable. “Mao Zhong group says.

Technical support, “Guo Zihao”

“We rely on the support of technology.” Zhong Mao Group, said Fang Taijian holds 5% of annual sales revenues on research and development, at present, parties are too technical center has two national laboratories and industry in the first Institute of Technology, just completed and put into use in the laboratory of 6,000 square meters is the world’s largest and most advanced electric kitchen laboratory, many of which equipment and technology is too square kitchen to the special circumstances under the Chinese R & D manufacturing, and its technology is unique in the world.

Rely on strong research and development, has been in the kitchen side too many technical areas of electrical industry made a number of significant breakthroughs, side too has a hood, stove,

Disinfection cabinet Leading proprietary technology and other fields. Hood smooth and efficient network of technology will be a net oil separation, reduce the degree of smell to a whole new industry standards; cooker 5 cavity drive technology innovation to lead the stove market, four; disinfection cabinet automatic sensor sterilization of Deng Jun refresh industrial gap. But the parties were too far from satisfied with the current, square hood too levels of noise from industry in general reduced to 52 db 57 db, but researchers are still moving in the quiet level of 48 dB to tackle technical problems.

Technology to create high-quality “Any high-tech industry has its own where the kitchen will be given to such high-tech home products, to provide customers with products far beyond the basic needs so that they experience in the course of unexpected surprises is our pursuit. “face of doubt, the parties are too loyal group president Mao explained to reporters that party too on technological innovation and high quality of almost demanding pursuit.

Zhong Mao Group introduced not only outstanding in the domestic market, with high technology and high quality products side too has been worldwide recognized. Side gains too for two consecutive years the world’s top design award category?? The “International Industrial Design Oscar,” said the IF Design Award, and implemented series products from a single product to a breakthrough. With leading design and exquisite craftsmanship, products side too, “Silver Core 5 system” won “IFDesignAwardChina2008” four awards, created award-winning series electric kitchen precedent.

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