This could be divided into 1 to three a lot more articles on the same topic, due to the fact I can go on at length about this topic. I feel like cutting right to the topic this time about. If You remember appropriately, final bosses are supposed to not only be a assessment of every thing You have done so far, but are meant to be the Final Obstacle in Your way from beating the game. But then, why are several Final bosses defeatable in significantly less than a minute, and not only that, generally it needs small effort on the behalf of any decently skilled player? I believe I know why this apparently is the case. And I have explanation to believe that Prominent Individuals in power want to turn folks into animals (I mean like the dogs some of You individuals presently personal, for these whom have animals in Your residence) so they are simply controllable and effortlessly manageable. Because the typical intelligence of individuals is going down swiftly, the video games that stated people play have to be significantly simpler to beat, since no one enjoys a game that they bosses that they can’t beat. Of course this also indicates that it’s significantly less complicated to draw people into a game with music and graphics alone.

For example, a single of the games I at the moment play, X-Men Legends II, the enemies are a total joke. I got quite fortunate and got some +harm gear for my major character, and now, standard enemies die in 1 hit (Yes, literally), leader sorts die in 1-three hits (Generally only two) and bosses (Even act zone bosses, normal bosses acquiring decimated even quicker)actually die in much less than 30 seconds (Of course, slightly longer if they have invulnerability shields that they use mid-battle). It really is not like the bosses have been even tough in the initial location. Oh, and in this game, I’m at present only in Act four, but I am level 44 (Was 1-hitting factors mid Act 3 actually). Seriously, considering that when did anybody allow individuals to very easily breeze through mainstream games like this?

Want to know what’s even far more exciting? Employing the proper set of capabilities/powers, You can do some effortlessly game-breaking feats (One particular significant instance is in Kingdom Hearts II, where You can abuse Magenta and the Knowledge Boost against swarms of Speedy Thrusters (Genuinely weak foes) to obtain all the way up to level 99 (And this likely only requires an hour or two at most).

This concludes element 1.

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