Mobile accessory and mounting solution distributor ProClip USA has announced bike phone mounts in both universal and custom fit options.

The Butterfly Universal Bike Phone Mount is a new ProClip mount that easily installs onto the handlebars of a bicycle. The width of the mount is adjustable, making it a universal fit for a variety of devices both with and without a case. The mount features silicone “wings” that stretch across all 4 corners of the phone for a very secure fit that holds up to rough road conditions.

For those who enjoy a more custom fit, ProClip Phone Holders can be paired with an Adjustable Top Support and Strap Mount to create a custom fit bike mount. Phone Holders are designed to fit each phone brand and model perfectly. The strap mount attaches to the bicycle’s handlebars and the adjustable top support provides extra support to keep the phone in place when riding over rough terrain.

Don Rankin, COO of ProClip, says, “We had a lot of demand from customers to make a mount for bicycles. We can now offer a specific mount for customers who prefer the custom fit of our holders, as well as a universal holder for customers who want more flexibility in their mount.”

The ProClip Adjustable Top Support and Strap Mount is a versatile solution that not only attaches to a bicycle’s handlebars, but can also be used on a stroller, shopping cart or golf cart. For motor bikes, ProClip offers Motorcycle Phone Mount Holders.

About ProClip USA

ProClip USA, Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor of ProClip retail, enterprise and in-vehicle mobile mounting solutions and accessories manufactured by Brodit AB. ProClip products are custom fit for virtually every vehicle model and handheld device available such as cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, navigation systems, satellite radios, two-way radios, barcode scanners and mobile computing.

Their secure and easy-to-install mounting solutions provide more enjoyable and safer driving experiences while keeping devices charged and within easy reach. To learn more, visit