“You can have any colour you want as long as it is black,” Henry Ford when remarked of the Model T in 1909, but today’s automobiles supply considerably a lot more than just colour selections. In reality, the technologies obtainable on new vehicles these days can be called absolutely nothing much less than amazing. New technologies that is either in automobiles now or is coming out quickly consists of:

Retractable doors. It is each lady’s wish to have a gentleman open the car door for her. A number of new brands of automobiles have retractable doors that vanish after the driver and passengers start off to exit. At the touch of a button, windows reduced into the door panels, then the doors, which stretch across both the front and back seats reduce themselves below the floor of the automobile. Opening a auto door and holding it open for the lady’s entrance or exit or bumping into the automobile next to you are point of the previous. And considering that the door retracts into the floor, the bottom clearance is in no way impacted.

Hands-free infotainment systems are now obtainable that can manage operation of cell phones and music. Soon, automobiles will also feature a backup camera with a colour touch screen display.

A new lane departure warning and prevention system will be in a position to alert the driver to an unintentional lane alter and will even nudge the automobile back to the intended lane.

A new active sound manage system utilizes two microphones inside the cab to detect low-frequency engine noise. When noise is detected, the program transmits a cancelling frequency through the speakers, in effect, “white” noise.

New split-screen technology introduces a viewing screen that displays two photos: 1 on top of the other. The driver can only see the navigation map. The passenger sees only the programmed video.

Much better than a CB radio, new car-to-vehicle communication makes use of WLAN technology, which permits drivers to communicate directly with other relevant cars in his immediate location, enabling him to send messages about upcoming road conditions and visitors issues.

A heads-up show technique combines a vehicle’s complete array of sensors and cameras to create a complete-windshield show to aid drivers in extremely low visibility circumstances. For example, if a driver is in a dense fog scenario, the car would use infrared cameras to “paint” the edges of the road onto the windshield in order to support the driver maintain the vehicle on the road. As a result, there is practically no guesswork, even in the worst visibility.

An optional navigation modem plus method will offer the user direct access to Google for points of interest along the way. The results are displayed on the navigation map.

Hugh is a large fan of all the hi-tech gadgets that are obtainable in new vehicles these days.