A glance at a number of the newest gadgets on offer reveal some interesting and varied products. We see scientific advances being integrated into the new technology gadgets . Roxy goggles for example use technologically advanced coatings on their optics to enable high fashion items to perform within the tough Alpine world of skiing and boarding.

Another good instance of this is Braun Razors who have developed their intelligent Sensoflex™ shaver head to perfectly adjust to the contours of the human face, this combined with their sonic vibrations and super sharp blades provides both a close and comfortable shave.

Trying to get decent running headphones was quite difficult as they should stay in place when you are moving at top speed. Advances have meant that we’ve seen these items improve and become far more functional . Obviously personal preference comes into this choice but some of the features you need to check for are:

1.Elastomer ear buds offer a comfortable snug fit for the in ear designs.

2.Neck band designs with foam pads and a secure fitting neck band.

3.Bluetooth headphones which eradicate the annoying wire connection to your MP3 player.

4.Clip on headphones, designed with the human ear in mind, ensuring a far better fit .

5.Noise cancelling headphones that are usually of the in ear design.

Additional features for example sturdy wiring, a cable clip or water resistance will improve the performance of headphones and enhance you workout experience .

Water filters are one of a new selection of gadgets for your home which are gaining popularity as people become increasingly health conscious. The latest water filters will remove chlorine and organic contaminants in addition to bacteria including e-coli. Another less well known benefit is that specialised “whole house” systems will remove scale as well that can have a beneficial effect on central heating systems, washing machines and dishwashers.

Many people will tell you that filtered water will improve the tastes of food and drink that it’s used in, the water is going to be less acidic once filtered, plus it reaches boiling point within a quicker period of time, thus saving you energy .

There are a variety of ways you can reap the benefits of purer water, the least expensive is by using a standard filter jug, however people are increasingly choosing to fit a whole house water filter system to their mains water in order to take advantage of the added benefits of protecting their white goods.

Look out for those technical advances being used to produce the newest gadgets, you too could reap the benefits.

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