Boulder, CO (PRWEB) May 06, 2015

Through its partnership with survey software provider SurveyGizmo, the Pennsylvania-based non-profit Family Lives On has increased their enrollment 800% and expanded into 31 new states.

Family Lives On, whose mission is to provide support for grieving children and teens who have lost a parent, moved their enrollment form online using SurveyGizmo in April 2014.

According to Executive Director Chris Cavalieri, the adoption increased enrollment more than eight times over.

In 2014, Family Lives On had a presence in 11 states. By employing the data collected via their online forms, they are now serving families in 42 states and plan to further expand their reach.

The flagship of Family Lives On is their Traditions Program, which strives to continue traditions that children enjoyed with their deceased parent.

Prior to embedding the registration form on the group’s website and Facebook page, enrolling into the Tradition Program was a difficult process. Now the interactive questionnaire shortens the length of the form by hiding questions that are not applicable, making it as simple as possible.

“Another key benefit of moving the enrollment process online is being able to quickly identify data patterns,” says Cavalieri. “We discovered that 94% of families enrolled are grieving the loss of a father.”

They also learned that most enrollees were mothers who found them through social media.

Cavalieri is not surprised by these findings:

“Women tend to mourn more publicly than men, and are on social media looking for support groups. Seeing that Facebook is where many of our enrollees have found us, has confirmed that we need to continue to use this channel to raise awareness. But it has also highlighted that we need to seek other channels to reach men whose children are grieving the loss of their mother. “

Armed with their online software and the data it provides, Cavalieri and her colleagues plan to work to reach this underserved male demographic.

Their planned expansion into new areas of the country means that more children and teenagers can receive emotional support while mourning the loss of a parent through the vital services that Family Lives On offers.

About Family Lives On Foundation

Family Lives On’s mission is to continue family traditions shared by the deceased family member as a form of grief therapy.

About SurveyGizmo

SurveyGizmo is an online survey and data collection tool for creating online surveys, polls, questionnaires, web forms, and quizzes. The company is owned by Widgix, which also operates HelpGizmo and MarketerGizmo.