Iphone is a multimedia, internet enabled smart phone, which works on a special version Apple’s Mac OS.X operating system. It is a multi-headed gadget which as appliances like ipod and wireless modem. An original iphone was a GSM phone. It’s a 3.15 inch multi-touch LCD screen which as a high resolution of 160 pixels per inch. Iphone is a first generation phone which introduced touch screen and brought out as one of the best smart phone ever, after the release nearly four generation of iphone has been released. It is extremely thin of just only 11.6mm in thick and longer, wider than any other compatible device.

Intel CPU and Apple OS.X is modified for the mobile use and used as OS in Iphone. The battery of an Iphone is made of internal rechargeable lithium–ion polymer battery which stands for 8 hours in talking or video mode and 24 hours in music mode. It consists of either 4GB or 8GB hard drive. The device is programmed in C, C++ and Objective C.

There are pre-loaded suites like media management software and communication software including itunes, iphoto and the Safari web browser along with them some of the other applications are also been installed. Other Apple applications are available in the App Store, which was launched in mid 2008. It has nearly 500,000 applications for games, GPS navigation, social networking, security and advertising.


Iphone was developed and founded by Apple. It was relieved by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple; on 9th January 2007 and later released on 29th June 2007.It was first released in Mac World Conference held in San Francisco at California. Development of Iphone was begun on 2005. The main idea was to work on a touch screen towards phone and was named Iphone.

Some of the Network Features in Iphone:

 1. Automatic detection Wi-Fi networks.

 2. Supports wireless standards like 802.11b & 802.11g.

 3. Use of quad-band GSM and SIM cards to access cellular networks.  

 4. Bluetooth connectivity for short range network with other devices like PCs and other


 5. Enhanced Data Transfer for GSM Evolution (EDGE) support for data transfer.

Features of Iphone:

Virtual Keyboard.
Retina Display.
Face Time Calling.
Drag out and drag in zoom feature.
Rotate Screen.
Slide to Unlock.
Top Class Web Browsing.
Live YouTube Videos.
Very Good Integration.

Versions of Iphone:

The specialty of Iphone was its generation, from the release of its first mobile to till today each year they have been introducing a better version of Iphone than the before generation.

Iphone – Introduced on 9 January 2007 and released on 29 June 2007.
Iphone 3G – Introduced on 9 June 2008 and released on 11 July 2008.
Iphone 3GS – Introduced on 8 June 2009 and released on 19 June 2009.
Iphone 4G – Introduced on 7 June 2010 and released on 24 June 2010.
Iphone 4GS – Introduced on 4 October 2011 and released on 14 October 2011.

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