GIG HARBOR, Wash. (PRWEB) January 26, 2015

Young readers are acquainted to the secret life of frogs with author Patricia Tiegs‘s “Francis” (published by Xlibris. This juvenile nonfiction aims to promote nature appreciation to young minds and seeks to imbibe an early love for coexistence with animals and the environment.

Francis” is the true life story of a tiny Pacific Leopard tree frog. Where do frogs live? How do they survive in both land and water environments? Where do they get food? These questions and more are answered in a fun and entertaining way through the friendship of a little girl and a frog she named ‘Francis.’ Readers will learn facts about the millions of tree frogs around the world, their lifecycle and how one should care for them.

Colorful and informative, “Francis” offers a wonderful way to familiarize children to the beauty of the environment and advocates respect for diversity in nature.


By Patricia Tiegs

Hardcover | 8.5×8.5in | 24 pages | ISBN 9781503511385

Softcover | 8.5×8.5in | 24 pages | ISBN 9781503511392

E-Book | 24 pages | ISBN 9781503511408

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About the Author

Patricia Tiegs lives in Gig Harbor, Wash. with her husband and family. She loves exploring education books for her grandchildren. Her inspiration comes from the love for all of God’s creatures and kids exploring the world around them. Tiegs is a retired registered nurse and caregiver, who is grateful for every day of life.

DM Schurosky is a working mother who took these pictures of her daughter with Francis, the tiny tree frog.

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