Pricol Technologies is a group company of Pricol Limited, India- a premier automobile engineering company.The group is involved in manufacture, design and style of automobile and its spare auto parts.The group of companies have followed its core mission and policies in all projects and has emerged as a dependable corporate to both its alliances and employees.

Pricol Technologies is a service provider for new product development, product engineering and manufacturing services.Products and services are in tandem with Avionics, Industrial controls and Appliances. New product development comprises of Styling, Ergonomics, Virtual prototyping, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Embedded Technology and NPD Philosophy.Each technology is applied post detailed analysis of product requirement and functionality.

1. Styling involves comprehensive analysis of the design, its limitations and opportunities of innovation. The experienced team indulges in qualitative interaction with customers at this stage. This enhances productivity, cost effectiveness and unparallel design layout of the product.Pricol technologies understand the role of aesthetics in styling and design of a product.

2. The study and analysis of ergonomics of a product helps to build a product which is user friendly to three crucial parties- customer, manufacturer and the maintenance team.The virtual prototype gives a real perspective of the final product effecting material sources, economics and other technical considerations.

3. Similarly , Mechanical- Plastics castings metals and machines, Mechatronics(Mechanical specifications merged with electrical and electronic simulation, and New Product Development Philosophy(NPD- System Integration, Mechanical, Mechtronics, embedded and validation of a new product ) is used intelligently at various stages of product development.

Product engineering division caters to Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multi Body Engineering, CRASH, NVH & Acoustics, CAD IT and Product Life Cycle Management. Tooling and Components manufacturing are part of product manufacturing services of Pricol Technologies.

1. Finite Element Analysis is conducted using advances simulation and hi-tech methods such as FE modeling, meshing, pre-and post operational findings.This reduces risk factor, establishes technical absences, and enhances productivity.

2. Computational Fluid Dynamics services for all industries from Aerospace to Defense to Electronics and Valves and Pumps are of global standards.

3. CRASH Expertise- It focuses on front, side, back crash, complete wreckage, its strengths and soft areas. The services offer a comprehensive study of the structure- interior and exterior of cars and vehicles.

4. Product Life cycle management is very detailed branch of services of Pricol Technologies.It is well organized system; rendering services like Collaborative Product engineering, Supplier Portal Development, PLM System integration like ERP, Responsive services like Architecture design , Installation, Implementation, Customization , Development and Multi- CAD & PDM Integration services etc.

It has strong and productive collaboration with Corcoran SRL, Turin, Italy-. The alliance- Cercarno Pricoltech India was formed in 2005 to synergize programs of the both companies in design and engineering of field transport in the India and in other countries.

Pricol technologies has its alliances with Dynasim for multi body engineering products; Blue Ridge Numerics, USA for its Computation Fluid Dynamics and Turbo Tools for automation design required for concept to high end electromechanical integrated systems.

Pricol Technologies – Pricol: Global Supplier of Pricol auto parts, automotive products, auto components, auto instruments, auto accessories and have market leadership through customer delight.

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