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World Patent Marketing, the world’s fastest growing vertically integrated manufacturer of patented products, announces Rosacea Gone, a medical invention that promises to be a very effective method of treating mild to severe cases of Rosacea as well as Skin Erythema.

“Rosacea is a global health issue that affects over 16 million people,” said Scott Cooper, CEO & Creative Director of World Patent Marketing, “There is a growing demand for dermatological services in the United States and a declining number of physicians that practice independently. Rosacea Gone is a product that is needed today more then ever.”

Although Rosacea afflicts more than 14 million people in the United States, there has been very little medical research and development to cure the disease. The truth about Rosacea is that it can be carried genetically, and that family members can inherit the trait. In addition, Rosacea can be triggered by any of a number of factors including some form of allergic reactions. In some instances, it can be brought about by eating spicy food.

Another truth about Rosacea is that it can take years to treat if patients rely only on dermatology clinics. Rosacea Gone is a medical invention which changes all of this. It is an effective treatment of Rosacea and Skin Erythema on the face as well as other parts of the body. Rosacea Gone is a breakthrough medical invention that helps lessen the redness, blotchy, itchy flakey skin, and other symptoms of the disease. It can be prepared in various strengths depending on the severity of the condition. Mild to severe cases of Rosacea can be treated by adjusting the dosage of the main ingredients.

“Although skin Erythema and Rosacea are fairly common, we have yet to see a cost-effective treatment for this disease,” explains Paul S., the inventor of Rosacea Gone. “Rosacea Gone is the first medical invention to specifically treat this skin condition.”

Robert D., a dermatologist from Maryland, says “The problem with skin care is that it is not clear whether it is covered by medical insurance or not. With high costs for the treatment of skin diseases, Rosacea Gone is a clear winner in treating skin Erythema and Rosacea.”

Rosacea Gone can be a cost-effective treatment regimen. It can offer relief even to the most severe conditions of Rosacea and skin Erythema.

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World Patent Marketing is the world’s only vertically integrated patented product development company. The company offers patent prosecution, licensing, trading, investment and manufacturing services to inventors, law firms and venture capital-backed companies. The company is well known in the industry for knowledge and expertise in patent research, patent filings, patent searches, invention studies, utility patents, design patents, PCTs, European Union Patents, China Patents, manufacturing, licensing and more. World Patent Marketing has received positive reviews for being a very outspoken critic of inventors’ patent troll complaints and has declared war on Patent Troll Scams as the U.S. Congress reconsiders the Anti-Patent Troll Law. “World Patent Marketing will not allow its clients’ success to be jeopardized by a complaint from a patent marketing scam.” according to Scott Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing. World Patent Marketing employs and contracts with over 350 people across four continents.

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World Patent Marketing is the only patent assistance company in history to be awarded a five star review rating from Consumer Affairs, Google, Trustpilot, Shopper Approved, Customer Lobby, and World Patent Marketing has received accredited status and is an A Rated Member of the Better Business Bureau. World Patent Marketing is also a proud member of Dun and Bradstreet, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Association for Manufacturing Excellence and the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA). World Patent Marketing Miami is also a member of the South Florida Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, and the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

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