Los Angeles (PRWEB) May 14, 2015

Short hairstyles can’t get enough of the speedy morning routine with STYLUS. The tourmaline technology (red area) conducts heat that disperses greater styling power reducing static, locking in moisture and leaving short hair soft with brilliant shine.

What’s more, STYLUS has five control temperature settings ranging from 250F to 400F and a red light indicator that flashes until the perfect styling temperature is attained. It is equipped with an ergonomic no-slide handle for comfort and ease, an ez-hold ridged tip that offers maximum styling control, an on/off and temperature control button and a 60 minute auto shut-off feature.

Short hair has never been easier to style. For full, voluminous hair, simply take one inch sections and place STYLUS at the roots on the underside. Pull slowly through the hair using a brush-like motion. Turn thermal brush in an upward ā€œCā€ motion to curl the ends and repeat until finished. To create volume at the crown, use half inch sections. Then, use fingers to break up curls and this look is finished. A video demonstration is also included.

For “cowlicks,” FHI Heat Spokesperson, Gregory Patterson demonstrates how to control using STYLUS in the beginning of this quick video (click on link) “Short Hair: How To.”

Additionally as soon as hair begins growing, STYLUS has a curved ridge back that channels hair for multiple styles. Create volume, lift, waves, curls, bumps, flips, bends, smooth, touch-up, style, re-style, control or eliminate frizzy hair. Infinite possibilities, groundbreaking results.

Lastly, on July 1st, STYLUS will be introducing the Tropical Collection in pink, coral, green and blue (images included).