If you are anything like me, you favor to leave all “Technologies purchases” to the Man of the Home. Not that I cannot do it – right after all, I did acquire my own iPod and figure out how to use it! But usually speaking, I figure it really is just element of a man’s DNA to know WHAT to get, Where to acquire it, and HOW it performs. Apart from, I don’t want to hear about it if I make a mistake!) Picture his surprise when he walked in to locate a new 52″ plasma Tv lift cabinet for his birthday! I decided to stick to the WHAT/Where/HOW formula myself. Try it oneself!

WHAT – Television lift technology has been around for years. 1st introduced as a state-of-the art innovation to luxury hotels and casinos, it is now accessible to the “average Jane.” The idea is easy: When you want to watch Television, push of a button and your tv “pops up” from a piece of furniture (ours is housed in a lovely mahogany armoire) and with an additional button push, “disappears” when Tv time is more than!

Exactly where – Tv Lifts are obtainable from a selection of sources from your neighborhood house theater retailer to trustworthy world wide web producers. I advise performing your analysis on the internet very first. You’ll uncover numerous reliable web sites available at your fingertips. (This is also an superb way to comparison shop!) Once you have narrowed your search, pay a visit to a “bricks-and mortar” retailer. Ask to see distinct models of the Television lifts action. Appear for ease of operation, noise level and “d├ęcor” possibilities. What I mean by that is, is the Tv lift housed inside a cabinet or console? This was essential to me, as I did not want our Television to become the room’s point. I chose a custom-constructed Tv lift cabinet, which holds all of our Tv “stuff” – the cable box, TiVo, and all their accompanying wires!)

HOW – Television lift operating systems differ. Each has its personal set of pros and cons, so make your decision based upon your personal “needs” assessment, including your budget, warranties, and so forth. Some possibilities incorporate:

1) Rack and pinion operation
two) Scissor-lift technology
three) Telescopic lift style

Rob Buehl is the President and CEO of ImportAdvantage the top supplier of higher end furniture with innovative pop-up Television lift systems Rob has been in the furniture business for 18 ears. He is a member of NHFA, CEA, CEDIA.